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This episode is 3 weeks old... where the hell is my podcast?!?



Guys, I am wholly disappointed. Fighting games are just fast strategy games, unless you're a complete scrub. Think about it this way, in saying that fighters are just mash left, right, up, down, you effectively said that proffesional RTS play is MASH ZERGLINGS LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. And consoles play fighters just as well, if not better than computers. (I play on both, PS3 for modern fighters, and PC for older MAME titles on GGPO with my HRAP3)



I agree with Gordon; consoles are toys! It is obvious to anyone who has played games for more than 5 years anyway. 

I play shooters where I can actually hit stuff, and strategy games; neither of which will ever be on consoles! I believe (and hope) that there will always be a market of people like me, so PCs, true computers, will never die. 



My old High School is requiring all students to have iPads, either purchased on their own dime, or rented from the school for something like $40/month, next year. My friend's old High School has required all students to purchase or rent an X200 convertible tablet for the past three years.

Students at my High School use their iPod Touches, iPads, and smartphones all the time, mostly just to fuck around and be dumbasses trolling each other on Facebook and twitter, as well as getting themselves into big arguments that often turn into shouting matches in the halls, especially among girls. Most of them are too damn stupid to figure out that they could use something like "bluetooth cheating methods" or anything else remotely useful.

My school district is cutting out all technology proficiency requirements starting with next year's freshman class, which is quite sad because those classes are the only reason some of the people I go to school with can even figure out how to use a computer and type a document. We need more technology education, not less, in this ever increasing internet and electronics focused world. 

I know people who are self avowed console fanboys, yet they are not totally there because they can at least concede that BF3 and other games do and will look better on a half decent PC than on their consoles, as well as being a better multiplayer experience with many more players.

As sad as it makes me, I have to believe that the desktop PC will be slowly phased out simply because of the new hotness that is the tablet or smartphone. When most people's computing needs can be serviced by a $400-500 PC from WalMart, the power of a well specced $1000-1500 desktop is sadly not a big market, and the people in my generation are, for the most part, fine with the performance of their 5 year old console hardware for games, even though they often run their games below the resolution of their TVs at this point. 

Most people are willing to sacrifice performance they don't feel they need or that they don't know exists for a smaller form factor and the potential to move their machine around, even if they will never do it in practice. I think I will likely always have a desktop tower for as long as they exist, as well as either a notebook or a tablet(if they become more capable).

I will always be a PC gamer primarily, finances permitting, because I cannot function well enough in an FPS with a gamepad, and I feel that mouse/Keyboard is far superior for everything except racing and dighting games, neither of which are particularly interesting to me. I also feel that it is better to spend some more money every few years on a very capable and multipurpose device like a PC, which can do damn near anything, than to spend several hundred dollars on a single use device that really only plays games and maybe acts as a media player.



What's with the icon for the .mp3 of this episode? It says KOXM Radio.



Gordon Mah Ung referring to himself as a journalist is like Keith Olbermann or Glenn Beck calling themselves news reporters... you're full-time op-ed. How's that? Not only do you very selectively report on PC technology, but nearly everything you say on the podcast belongs in your Rant of the Week.

Not personal/just an observation. If I were to express what I believe is your problem personally, it would be this: I believe (based on what I read and hear) that you live in this world in your head where you believe Macintosh vs. PC, Consoles vs. "real gamers," etc. are issues that define you and your value as a person. The only other people who seem to care so much about such trivial shit as you do are the very teenagers/younger people you so often deride.

Sad really. Not for me, though. What's sad for me is that Maximum PC is becoming Maximum BS due to "senior editorializing" and the general childish mindset of much of the current staff of "journalists."

Anyone here know of a better alternative to this tiring horseshit?? Seriously...



Lemme get this straight: You wrote a snide 3 paragraph rant just like the very person you're deriding and apparently you:

...listen to the podcast in it's entirety apparently...

...troll this web site enough to comment...

...take direct shots like calling the staff "childish"... the content "trivial shit", "horseshit" and then say it's "not personal"...

Hey dude? How long have you been listening to the podcast? It's supposed to be entertainment - not the audio equivalent of a doctoral thesis. If you're not laughing during Gordon's rant, you need to take an anger management course or something. Relentless venting about everyday crap with a tech slant and no censor? Please - someone find me another podcast that does that because that's a beautifully unique take on podcasting.

If you can't have fun listening to the podcast, here's a suggestion & "it's not personal": Don't. Listen.



So I'm guessing you don't have an idea of a good alternative?

(The "personal" followed the part that wasn't. Learn to read. Did you not notice others raising the same concerns? I think the staff here can defend itself if it finds my criticism objectionable. ...but you're right: I'm the troll.)


zaphodbeeblebrox 42

i am one of the few poepel my age (17. referrign to when you were talking about 15-16 at about 31:30)

around that instead of having haveing a smart phone(or any phone for that matter) i have an m11x  kickass desktop pc.  F*** consoles up the A**. i also have a zune hd instead of a and ipod(i hate anything apple).

so when you say that in a couple of years people from my generetion who dont like consoles and there crappy controls. jsut sayign there are some of us who will be rocking that giant tower on our desktop.

also at 38:00 i agree wit how gordan even if im repeating my self. not all of us love consoles. as for me i cantt even get my paretns to but my a video game so forget gettign a console

p.s. hanks for puttign the podcast on zune marketplace.




that spellign was artocious. way to murder egnlish.




Please don't post on the internet until you've mastered your mother tongue. I recommend not even thinking aloud in the presence of others.



Do you nimrods have any conception of how to do a tech podcast?  I never heard such a string of irrelevant, inane babble in my entire life.  Make the slightest effort to stay on topic.



uhh gordon if the back and sides of your phone were grippy how would you put your phone in your pockets? espically jeans or something with tight/small pockets?


tsukino Do you mean Skynet? The end is coming!!! And Microsoft is going to be at the reigns. We're doomed.

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