No BS Podcast #173: The Unnaturally Informative Edition



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I need my rant fix, HELP!!!



For what it's worth, Gordon is right about Windows 8.  There will be multiple user interfaces depending on hardware form factor & HID.  What makes this possible is the uniform development paradigm Microsoft has set up for Xbox, Windows Phone 7, the Web, and Win64 applications.  Most applications will compile to the IL - hence the reason why the boneheads that claim "Silverlight is just a Flash clone & is doomed because no one uses it on the Internet" are usually the same members of the peanut gallery that have never programmed an application in their lives yet feel the need to weigh in on a matter they have only a shallow amount of knowledge about, obtained primarily from CNet broadcasts & Wikipedia articles.

As for hardware for Windows 8?  Compiling to IL means there will be an ever-increasing need for compute performance.  For games leveraging the XDK and the like, there will be ubiquity in the need for better graphics performance on both PC and other platforms.  And to be clear:  The efficiencies gained by ARM technology today are frankly a bump in the technology roadmap when you think about it.  It's not like today's UI visuals are improving beyond today's state of the art.  As the internals of applications over tablets & other form factors dominated by today's ARM platforms become more complex, the need for high end instruction sets & increasingly 'better used' CPUs & will increase.  The industry rewound time for a minute to make the 30fps graphical UI the centerpiece of the consumer's interest & that's fine:  Apple has had it's shot much like AMD had it's time with Opteron briefly.  But the Apple paradigm hasn't innovated at all & other platforms are catching up.  Once the 30fps/"liquid silk" UI becomes the standard across all platforms - which it will - we'll return to the compute cycle arms race and push for better and better throughput.  The high end PCs of today will be the standard PCs of tomorrow made possible by the vision of today's leading edge technology builders.

The "Maximum PC" ecosystem will see to it.

BTW:  I just love this podcast.  Really.  Gordon defines the word "legendary".  Andy is so much better on this podcast than on KOXM.  Nathan's the only one stable, experienced, & knowledgeable enough to be this motley-crew-of-a-podcast's leader.  I save it as the last podcast I listen to during the week... kinda like how I used to save Bloom County as the last comic I used to read in the daily funnies when i was a kid.  Sadly, only Gordon will likely get that reference.  Sigh.



Really appreciate the insight and the kind words, la_bruin. 

For what it's worth, I'm a big Berk Breathed fan. When I was a kid, I used to read the Bloom County collections at my aunt's house. Granted, the Reagan references went a bit over my head at the time.



I want to let Alan know that Skype will be available for Windows Phone 7 when the new Mango update is released. Angry Birds is coming out on the 25th too. It's a very V.1.0 OS at the moment so there's stuff WP7 can do that hasn't been exposed to programmers but Mango will add features app developers have been asking for.
Lots of good information was given at Mix11 recently.
I think is was keynote 2 that showed off the new stuff.

I was also curious about to Android remote control and there actually seems to be some WP7 apps that do that too, such as



Look, if you're ashame of Podcast #150, just email it to me and I PROMISE NOT to let it get out in the world. You can even put a little sound identifier in there somewhere that would prove it was my copy if I posted it out there somewhere. I'm dying with curiosity on what you guys did with that one.

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