No BS Podcast #163: The All-Rant-Edition, Part Two



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More grist for Gordon's mill of rage:




MdX MaxX

Wow, the split between Parts One and Two exactly marks the point at which I began listening to the podcasts.  Funny how things happen like that.

It was definitely fun looking back on all the rants I've heard this year.  I still love the Snapple rant!  It's so simple yet so true, and so funny!

I can only take 6 hours of rants once a year, though.  I'm looking forward to Gordon's future rants, and future podcasts in general!



now the Apple police are ganna be after you!



I have been listening to the podcast for a long time and I thought I wouldn't enjoy listening to Gordon rant non-stop. Was I completely wrong! Listening to the year in rants brought back a lot of old stories and memories of the past year that I had completely forgotten about. Thanks for this, and Gordon keep the hate going!

So bring on the Angry Awesome!



Cool, this means that this is the last Podcast of 2010. Hope there is much grief in the New Year to fill Gordon with rage!

On second thought, Angry New Year! :-)



It's ok... we've done this before.

Back off, I'm a Scientist. :-)



Wares the clicky linky thingy to listen to the podcast?


It ain't showing up



Yeah, I don't see it either.


On an unrelated yet related note, has anyone else experienced where the numbered page links at the bottom of the home page do not appear?

Edit: I used google chrome, right clicked, used inspect element, searched for .mp3. Then I copied the link, put it into a address.

Short story, right click here and save as.

Thank me later.


Further Edit: Upon reading all of the above post, somebody done had the fix. Well, we will call it redundancy and be over it. And the real link (In the article) now works.



I have had the page links not appear as well. This happens daily for me on three computers (two different networks) using IE6, IE8, Firefox, and Chrome. This is the first time I've seen anyone else mention it.

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