No BS Podcast #161: Paranormal Activity



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Thank you for the attempt of no profanity during the podcast (I am about half way through but had to comment now). Really guys the profanity is not needed, so far nothing is lost with the missing profanity. I have to be very selective when I can listen to your podcast as I have young children or more sensitive adults nearby most of the time. You guys are very inelegant and I think you would have a much bigger audience if you cut out the unneeded “BS” language.  Please don’t misunderstand me I do swear I just don’t think it’s a professional thing to do. When I first started listening to your podcast years ago I was very surprised to hear profanity when the name of your podcast is “No BS MaximumPC” (I think Nathan said something related to this in podcast 160). The first thing I thought was the profanity is a bunch of “BS”! Really guys please have all your future podcast minus the profanity. By doing this I can at least add one more listener, my 10 year old son.


Edit: I Completed the podcast and it sounded like you almost made it without a swearing. Great job!



Ok, you had your kindergarden podcast. Can we adults please go back to listening to real people talking now? Please don't listen to thin-skinned nuns that require political correctness in everything. I'm sure the Vatican has a IT-support podcast or something.. 



Your Froyo info on the Nook was refuted by B&N a week ago.



You did miss the last F-Bomb from Nathan on the outtakes at the end of the show.

You guys tried this before like about 2 years ago. You first bleeped everything then tried to be good, but your nature would win out in the end.



Gordon is your candy salty? j/k

I too love the coconut. It's also a lot more expensive than nougat. Just cause you don't like it and other people don't like it doesn't mean that it's the cheapest "filler". You're right though, it is a filler. But those things weren't intentionally added as a filler. If you've ever been to an old fashioned sweets shoppe that adheres to the 19th century recipes you'll find all kinds this stuff. If you want more chocolate than "filler", stick with Ghiradelli.

Nice F-Bomb drop from the Ron Burgundy reference though. That's something you're right on the money about Gordon, that was a stupid movie. Of course I'm not a big Will Farrel fan though. He can be funny though. He's not bad in "the Other Guys".



No profanity?  Is this kindergarden or something?  If thin skinned little pasty panseys don't like it, they can do something else.  They are probably mac lusers anyway.  I'm tired of pompous control freak butt holes running around thinking they can make everything "family friendly".  Do what you want to do.  F them.  If you don't have profanity in the next podcast I'm canceling everything to do with your mag and expressing my displeasure to your advertisers.  So there!  :P



OH GOD PLEASE BRING THE CUSSING BACK!!!!!!! The rant with no cussing just sounds like it's that time of the month for you guys. Doesn't sound rant like at all



WHAT NO WINNERS ANNOUNCED! Ugh, this HS1 is never going to be out of the MaxPC office.



1. Hashing passwords is good, salt-and-hashing is better.

2. the guy said that he did not use the program on the test. Epic fail, guys.



You're right, but I didn't feel the need to go too in depth.  If you salt, it makes it much harder to break the hash as well as making it very hard to compare two hashed passwords.

EX: if my password is "vulnerable" and yours is "vulnerable", the two will appear different when hashed with the salt.

The main point was that they had no security in place whatsoever.  MaxPC, you'd better be doing things a bit better than Gawker...



Passwords should NEVER be stored in plaintext!  A hashed form of the password should be stored so that if the database is compromised, the password remains secret.

When logging in, the user sends the password.  The authenticator hashes the password and compares it to the database.

If the database is compromised, the hashes are worthless to the attacker.



good podcast, on the cursing thing though, i read a couple of forum posts on the "vulgarity" of the podcast and maximum pc.  First the only place ive ever heard or seen MPC curse is on the podcast and i mean come on, would gordons rant be near as funny without cursing? people get offended way to easily.  People were threatening to unsubscribe for that, please people come on its not like its howard stern vulgar. Ok im off my soap box now



You ain't kiddin. I've noticed that you could be the nicest person on the net(generally speaking about anybody) in how you say anything and it would still get taken out of context. Like if I were to say "don't be an idiot...", I guarantee that someone would be offended by this. nevermind that I don't call them one, I'm only asking them to take the time to think before expounding. Or if I make the mistake of saying a fool and his money are soon parted, I guarantee that I would be reported for calling someone a fool. If you relate fact as fact and don't mince words about it then you're being a know-it-all. Nevermind that I'm 41 and have experience. If I don't take the time to kiss some derriere in what I write, then I'm a condescending prig and don't know what I'm talking about. Now verbalize this in a podcast and people get all twisted up about it. How childishly ignorant.

Bring back free speech. If they don't like it don't listen to it. There is more than enough content in MPC to satisfy. It's not like little Johnny never heard a blue streak let off since he was molly coddled by his strict German Baptist parents(not being anti-religious peeps so back the hell off, lol) and if he was then why was he reading or listening to the Podcast? lol I'm a veteran and served my country to protect these rights for everybody including me.


Have a happy holidays and I hope that future podcast rants are not self-censored. Otherwise it truly does not qualify.

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