No BS Podcast #154: Segue With a "Gue"



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To the guy with the headphone usage issue...I have an X-Fi fatality platinum FPS...Unfortunately...I got mine for $100 new.  It has 1/4" jacks for mic and headphones on a drive bay head unit.  I still have the Audigy 2 Platinum.  I haven't had to mess with my speaker connections since around '98 or '99.  There is a software setting in the control panel that allows you to tell it to mute your speakers when you plug headphones  into the headphone jack.  Plug em in and the speakers are muted.  Unfortantely, your lookin at around $250 for what I got for $100.  You find more for less than 200 bucks do let me know.  I will buy em  and ebay em for $260...



id software (I think it was...) released a CD back in the day that had all of their software on it.  You'd pay, get a code, and unlock the game you wanted.  It was great because it was cracked very quickly and everyone had access to their whole game library.  So I think if this is the way the companies want to go, let them.  Works out well for the consumer.


MdX MaxX

Wow, this was a really insightful podcast; I thoroughly enjoyed this one.  And the rant was pretty epic!  It was more like the rants of the early 140s, which is when I started listening.



Please tell us who is in the podcast each time around, in the article.  I want to know who is in the podcast before I start listening.  And yes I know they're introduced in the audio.



Greedy, greedy.

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