No BS Podcast #141: Lolcast



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Worst MPC podcast ever.

1st half:

[unintelligible squawking noises]

2nd half:

Uhhhh. Ummmm. Do you have anything to talk about? Ahhhh. Uhhhhh, no. Nope. I haven't been paying attention lately. Anything happening? Ummmmmm. Uhhhhhhhh. Should we take questions? Ermmmm. Sure, whatever. Uhhhhhhh. What's going on? Ummmmmm. I need to take a piss. Uhhhhhh. Ermmmmm. Ok, go for it. We got nothin' anyway. Uhhhhhhhhh. Yeah. Uhhhhhhh. Ummmmmmmm. Where did everybody go? Ermmmmmm. Ummmmmm. Duhhhhhhhh. Whatever. Ahhhhh. Uhhhhhhhhh. Who whould win in a fight between Darth Vader and the Big Lebowski? Ermmmmmmm. Erhmmhmmhmmmhmmm. Oh, we can talk more about iPads and iPhones and Nexus and Nokia and Android and AT&T! Ummm. Yeah. 'Cause we're MAXIMUM PC! Yeah. Uhhhhhh. Phones. Ummmmm. Whatever.





Is this how it's going to be now?  Podcast was recorded on Friday the 14th,  file name dated the following Friday, the 21st, and no entry posted for it until somebody discovers it's not there, then posts a direct link to the file? 



OMG!!  Here it is Tuesday, the 25th, and this podcast, recorded on the 14th and dated the 21st, still isn't officially posted.  Let me guess,  none was actually recorded last week at all and the one from the 14th will be posted this coming Friday?  Right?



The N900 would slaughter the Nexus. It basicly does everything the Nexus does plus more. It has better support, runs on a open linux OS so porting apps is as easy as pie, has Full Flash support, dedicated graphics, FM radio with FM Transmitter, better camera,a whole lot better support...etc You guys should review a nokia phone for once.


Samwise Hulugan

I concur, I'm sure you tried to clean up the audio, and I listen on fairly crappy earbuds, but I could hardly make out a word the cheesburger guy said. It echoed just perfect to cover the start of the next spoken word, it was muddy as hell but with a ton of sibilance as well. The only thing missing was a really terrible slang-filled British accent! First time ever that I was heavy on the fast-forward switch to end the agony...and I listened to ALL of episode 100! Granted, a bit agape, but nonetheless, ALL of it.



I'm sure it had nothing to do with the Ipad...



The first 34 minutes of this podcast were a complete waste of time.

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