No BS Podcast #138: The Cheesecake Factory Outlet



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I have a tube of loctite superglue in my car.  It frequently gets used for sealing the slot on a non-functioning video game, vending machine, whatever...  If I can't have my dollar back, at least the apathy of the vendor can be swayed when their shitty machine isn't working anymore.  Best way to do it is take a business card *not your own* fold it in half twice, liberally coat with glue and insert into slot, tear off excess. 



FWIW, Stephen King referenced a Lost quote ("Don't mistake coincidence for fate!") in Under The Dome. It's also hard to forget Hurley routinely running around screaming "The Numbers are Bad!". Then there's Ben's "A promise is a promise" usually followed rather quickly by "I lied".



What really makes me mad is when you type out a lenghty response and it blocks you and you have to type out the whole thing again. That is why i have begun copying my own comments before they are posted to avoid type the same shit twenty times.

The closer to the light the greater your shadow becomes.



 But you can't type google? Priceless!



YES! This post made it through the Spam Filter!



yes win. but you guys got off topic so bad...

ROFL. Jedi would kick harry's ass


Keith E. Whisman

Thanks for the Hit.. I had the shakes and sweats really bad..

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