No BS Podcast #134: W.T.F.



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Great stuff I will be following that thanks.

Andy Rammell|Fitness Trainer

get abs fast



Best. Rant. Ever.



COME ON MaxPC, get your podcast on the Zune marketplace. It can't be THAT hard can it? I mean, healthcare reform passed. Surely you can get it on there!



yay whitey appropriation!

star destroyer for the win! i remember on x:wing alliance (awesome game wish they continued that line) that several starships had ion cannons but not any of the star destroyers (gordon! lol, a b-wing and y-wing combo for the win against enterprise)




Sorry, but you can clearly see if it wasn't for Vader being onboard the Star Destroyer, even the Enterprise D would win.



The segments on climbing Mount Everest and watching the final episode of Lost are side-splitting funny!



I agree great rant by gordon, also noticed andy has been more vocal lately which I like, he adds a different view point which is always nice.  Keep it rad brah!



@geckofish52: I agree! However, it must be stated that you can use the feedburner URL and do it manually. But this is the lazy generation, 2 clicks is too much! :)



Get this podcast on Zune!


I Jedi

Obvious Microsoft employee is obvious



I have too much to listen to. Tested podcast, MPC podcast more that once a month... I'm falling behind!




An army of pacifists can be defeated by one man with the will to fight.

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