No BS Podcast #132: The All Rant Edition, Pt. 1



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Keith E. Whisman

What No Podcast this week? What gives?

BTW I agree about the Stormtrooper armor, I have for a very long time have complained that the armor was worthless and being a veteran of the US Army I can tell you soldiers hate carrying worthless gear for no reason. When your walking 25miles every freaking ounce of gear turns into a calculation of weather you need it or not.

Remember the Stormtrooper bording party at the beginning of A New Hope they just walked through that blasted doorway thinking they were invincible? They realized then that they were not. They were checking on their dead comrades with surprise. I actually cried for them.


Ras Thavas

Loved it!  The deathstar was a medical ship! Remember the droid with the surgical gear?



i have to say i like Gordon's rants but for an all rant podcast i was expecting a full episode of all new rants not just a rehash of all the old ones i heard once before....granted it was fun to hear them again.  but you guys got me all excited for an all new rant i have to say this was an epic FAIL in my book.



Sorry, I'll have to say it's all you.  The All Rant episodes have always been a grouping of the rants from the previous year.


ChattChitto RG

Thanks Gordon for all this great listening, and thanks Nathan for mixing it up!

The Great part is this is Part #1



When this popped, I kind of groaned like, "oh god I don't want to listen to Gordon complain for 2.5 hours!" But I actually enjoyed it, and was disappointed when it was over!



Personally, I have to admit, the all rant episodes are the only ones I've listened to more than once.  It's the gift that keeps giving.  There's a couple others out there for previous years too.



2 and a half hours of rants, BEST PODCAST EVER. this shit is soooo funny i will probably listen to it a few times this year. some of the genius that comes out of these conversations is just so blatantly obvious but usually overlooked, its nice to hear it finally talked about by some funny dudes



My favorite podcast of the year!



 Thank you mister Bauman!




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