No BS Podcast #131: Still Talkin' 'Bout Star Destroyers



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This is a bit late since I'm catching up on like a year's worth of NoBS in about a week, but here goes.

You can't really pit a Star Destroyer against the original Enterprise (or any Enterprise, for that matter).  Why?  Because if would be kind of an apples-to-oranges comparison.

A star destroyer is the generic villain ship, and as such, is easily destroyed by the heroes through combinations of luck and poor design.  Whereas, the Enterprise is awarded special protections in its universe since its crew must survive for the show to survive.  This allows it to (unfairly) pull off feats that any other ship would fail.
A proper comparison would put the Star Destroyer against another generic Star Trek ship such as a Klingon Bird Of Prey or Romulan Warbird.  Conversely, you would send the Enterprise against another protagonist ship that enjoys similar franchise protections such as the Millennium Falcon.

This would nullify all the cheap tricks that allow the villain ships to be destroyed while the hero ships survive and make for an even ship-to-ship contest.



Psh, come on now, the empire...not evil... They may have abolished slavery on tat.  but not on Kashyyyk, they helped the Trandoshans take over, and take the wookies as slaves (not the first time the wookies were slaves...but still evil).



Wait. Nevermind. This isn't an agruement..on account of the fact that...THEY DESTORYED A PLANET...poor Alderaan.. :(  Haha



A true classic MPC Challenge for those who haven't read it.


I hear Dave may still run this machine at home?



Indeed.  I've upgraded to quad-crossfire though.



i just wanted to comment on the "hobo machine" $500 challenge. i loved it and lauhged my ass off.  i thought the creativity and foresight (or lack of) on both sides was great. Gordon's commentary on dave's box was the best though.

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