No BS Podcast #129: Gordon Called It



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Weren't we promised an all rant edition AND another special podcast for Will to tell us about his new venture?  I may renew my subscription if i get those.  For that matter, if you guys can actually promise a weekly podcast, I'll renew it next week for the 2 yr special edition that comes with the trialware cds.


ChattChitto RG

I would like to say I thought this pod cast would be lacking BIG time w/o Mr. Smith. It didn't. Great job guys.

Wish I could Flattr This podcast, lol.

Flattr will be used heavily by torrent sites as a way to donate to the poster/pirate. This is a good thing for RG groups as we put our necks on the line every day to share things that are over priced and if bought, should be shared; to a point of coures.

Flattr me this Batman...



Wait a second. You're saying that people who bittorrent copyrighted material will support the guys who upload the content to the filesharing sites, but not the people that actually worked hard to create it? This is baffling.



Would be really nice to get this podcast on the zune marketplace. Great job, I love the podcast. My Rant for the day: Why can't the NO BS Podcast come out more often. :P I mean what kind of A#!@&%+ thought it would be a good idea to make me wait so long to hear these guys. hehe



that was easy.


Dick Motorman

glad to see you guys are back!


lmao no bang bros, no me!



Whew I was really worried there.  Can't wait to listen to it.  Unfortunately I must wait until Monday.  Anywho...glad yall are back.



 Do we get an all new all rant edition?


 I hacked my 'Easy' button to record and play back what I want...


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