No BS Podcast #122: DROID is Short for Android



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Did you guys forget to post this?


Dick Motorman

Ward has every right in the world to make that level, but calling that game art is bullshit.  Games like that are more akin to summer blockbuster movies, they'll make a lot money and stir up a lot of coverage, but in the end no one will care in a few years.  That's coming from a future game developer.


Dick Motorman

I'm a snob btw



Norm suggested that the availability problems with the Radeon HD 5850 were not that bad. Well, I've been lookin' an I ain't found none....



How come whenever you guys talk about phones you never mention any BlackBerry devices? Its all iPhone, Palm Pre or some Android phone.



Really?  The MW2 airport scene is in poor taste?  Any more than whacking civvies in GTA4 or  Carmaggedon or even 15 years ago in Syndicate?  What about games that let you take an evil path from the start like Force Unleashed, KOTOR, etc.  Are those in poor taste?  What about games that allow you to play as inherently evil characters like a vampire in Oblivion or Vampire the Masquerade? 

I'm curious as how this differs from games in the past.



It's not showing up for me on direct iPod touch download.




An army of pacifists can be defeated by one man with the will to fight.

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