No BS Podcast #121: Windows 7 is Live



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I just installed the Home Premium version via clean install on a customer's computer and during the install, it scanned the drive and gave me the option of 'Upgrade' or 'Custom' install. After installing the OS, I went to activate and it worked just fine. They were using the Ultimate 32-bit RC that their son in law installed. I installed the Home Premium 64-bit copy via clean install (as always). No problems.

I didn't have to do a hack. I know if I choose to install it on a fresh drive (like I plan to do, from a Raptor to the new Caviar Black 2TB drive) then I need to do the hack.

Is there something I'm missing where the install should not have activated from the RC?



Can anyone tell me where to find the podcast show notes? I always
listen to them and often hear Will and the rest referring to putting
links to topics and other stuff in the "show notes." Where are these
notes? Thanks anyone who knows. And Maximum PC? I always look
forward to your podcasts and the magazine in my mailbox -
keep up the great work!



I have been curious about that myself can any one else tell where to find?



Just want to make sure I heard this right...

Does MaxPC suggest that I use the 32 bit version of Win7 on my Dell XPS m1530 laptop?  I went ahead and bumped it up to 4gig of memory. 



If you have 4gigs or more, you always want x64. If you have less, you want x32 unless you are planning/able to upgrade to 4 or more.




An army of pacifists can be defeated by one man with the will to fight.



my school is one of  the top pulblic school in chicago. we have four macs that are useless because you can't print or access the schools network. But the pcs they have aren't any better. One of my classes was unsing flash for a project and the computers at the school took like five minutes to open flash CS4 and another three or four minutes to import a song. It saddens me.




My school just bought brand new 22 inch imacs




Purchasing an OEM version of Windows 7 (interesting that you had to chose 64 or 32..) Pro version(will survive with one language) (newegg has a nice promo) for my new i7 system that I'll build, can't wait :)


Mac user and PC gamer.


Dick Motorman

yep my highschool had macs.



When I went to public school back in the late 90s, all they had were beige Power Macs. It wasn't until my last year there they got some Dells, and some first gen iMacs. Of course, none of the Dells were in my room.

And this was in a small town, no rich folks.

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