No BS Podcast #113: The Return of the Rage



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Hg Dragon

I think I may have separated a rib laughing during the "Rant" portion of the podcast. Can we have a dueling Rant-off between Gordon and Will? I'd contribute to the NBSPDF (No BS Podcast Defense Fund) gladly for that.



Can't wait to see the new up to date LCD Monitor Review.  Hope the sizes are mixed up (22 Inch, 24 Inch, etc...).  Don't suppose you'll review the LED monitor by Apple, I suspect it won't do as well.  But I'll leave the comment to the professionals.



You Don't Mess With The Brimley!

Before there was Jack Ryan...
Before there was Jason Bourne...
Before there was G.I. Joe...

There was Remo Williams!

When the defecation hits the rotary ocsillator and you've run out of quarters?  Who ya gonna call? 

Wilford Brimley!

Wilford Brimley is the man in charge when he sends Remo Williams you will go away in such a way that your friends and family never suspect a thing.

Remo was dodging bullets long before Keanu took the red pill and pulled on his Nancy Sinatra boots.

And the love interest, the girl who has the hots for Remo?  None other than your beloved Captain Kathryn Janeway of the Starship USS Voyager.

Yes, mind your ass, Remo is out there.

The Statue of Libery scenes alone make this movie worth watching.

Has lots of great one liners..

"Chiun: Watches are a confidence trick invented by the Swiss."

And remember, "Meat of cow, kill!"



They didn't play the call reserved for gordon!


Kill Em All

really good podcast. Again will's comment, very hiliarous.



2005 machine a power pc so you won't buy snow leopard.

As for Vista, most machines ship with a nerfed OS: Windows vista basic/starter whatever it's called. to get something as simple as 2 interface languages ( you will upgrade to ultimate Vista, how much? vista alone is over $300) oh 64 or 32 bit are separate as well.


Taking Gordon's logic, you get a XP home machine, upgrade to Pro. upgrade to vista ultimate. Same with Windows 7 in less than 2 months. don't forget 32 vs 64 bit editions.

Also not everyone will get "free windows 7" but "free/cheap".

Snow Leopard prices: $29 regular "upgrade" $10 if you bought a mac in the last few months. $49 for 5 users and no annoying WGA. I will survive ;)

Most likely I will um ... get a "pirated" version of windows 7 ultimate mainly because I want dual language interface and $330 is not a fair price ... so MS: allow me to dual language interface on windows 7 home premium or whatever it's called and I will pay for it.

and about this paying for service packs, I agree naming all of these Mac versions OS X is probably not the best idea. The service packs are the third decimal number, so 10.5.1 10.5.2 ... 10.5.8 are the "Service packs" of Mac OS X.



Okay, Will's comment of "The fuck I need to turn it off every week." was the single best line on the podcast since Episode 108.



I replayed that 3 times after I heard it.  Too funny.



P.S Congrats Will on a Racial Faux-Paus free podcast!



And soon maybe we will get the pleasure of congratulating YOU on just sitting back and enjoying the podcast, instead of 'searching' for racial slurs!

(and really, you HAVE to be doing some creative listening if you are hearding anything overtly racist)



Hooray for the return of Gordon!

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