No BS Podcast #111: PC Gaming, We Just Can't Quit You



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I loved Gary on the PC Gamer Podcast, and loved him on this one. Keep bringing him!



I like Gary, he brings something different to the table, & the man has  lot of histroy in the games/comics business too, so his opinion is worth respecting. The next gen podcast, while it was running, was always worth listening to.





Gary Whitta = Justin Long (As Portrayed)

Both = "Swarmy Dick"



I dont like Gary at all, and either does Gordon it appers. So I think you should not have him on anymore.

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Dick Motorman

being loyal to one type of gaming over the other, to me, is stupid.  A good game is a good game regardless of platform.  And lets be honest, it doesn't matter what platform you're loyal to at this point, because no one is making good games for any of them, period.



Why Prince of Persia? When I click the side of the screen to give me focus so I can scroll down it opens up a link which is really annoying.



For the dude asking for free 3d software, check Blender and Wings3d. The last one is mostly a modelling solution. Blender is a full-on 3d software solution.

Gmax has been cancelled, but you can still get it. I recommend Blender.

Have fun :)

Edit: Also check Cinema4d at Last time I checked you can buy the software in modules, so you can buy what you plan to use. Also it seems to be a big discount going on right now.

Edit 2: The discount is only if you already own a 3d program, sorry .



Are these ads hurting the high end notebook markets? the T9900 based notebooks from Sony, Asus for example.


Gary should be a guest more often 



I agree with Will, the ads are working. They made Apple lower their prices simply because of their ads. By getting into Apple's head, these advertisements are working, in my opinion. And a question about my potential upgrade: I only have a 17 inch monitor, with a max resolution of 1440x900 and I am still on Windows XP, so would that factor into my decision at all, or should I still go with a 4890 or GTX 260 rather than a new motherboard, processor, etc?

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