No BS Podcast #109: The Windows 7 Price is Right Edition



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Wow. if this can get posted, anything can! :)


Dick Motorman

bi-weekly is lame



If you guys are going to stay bi-weekly then it's a good idea to say so up front.



Hey are we getting a podcast this week or is it postponed?





Podcasts have been bi-weekly for a while now.



I have XP 64 bits and it was incompatible with lots of things some years ago but nowadays you can find drivers at least for brand-name accessories.

I have iTunes installed on it and with the appropiate 64bit GEAR drivers it can even burn CDs (will still tell you it can't when starting up, but will burn them).  Never tried connecting an iPod or iPhone to it, though. Other things that work in it are my Nostromo n52 controller (you really have to look hard for this driver), the Asus P7141 or something like that TV Tuner, Nero burner, most games (except those with 32-bit copy protection schemes, newish games should work) and, generally, I've found few incompatibilities.

Of course, you still have to look for the drivers, but mostly that's just a Google search away or visiting the manufacturers' sites.

I also have Vista 64 bits and I can't remember that anything has failed to install or run, even if things have needed a bit of coaxing to get running. Sometimes you have to hunt the drivers down, but most things now include 64-bit drivers in the CD.



To the listener with the XP 64-bit / iTunes / iPhone problems:

You are not totally boned. You can get iTunes to work properly by editing the install files with Orca. You can find some concise instructions at the following link:

Some of the screenshots are broken, but the process is the same for just about any version of iTunes. You should be able to manage your music with no problems.

Careful, though... if you're looking to upgrade your iPhone firmware to 3.0, then you should probably use a computer that runs iTunes properly (e.g., a 32-bit system). I had some show-stopping errors trying to upgrade my iPhone's firmware with my jankity iTunes install. 



BS. You said NO BS. but Snow Leopard and all of the other Mac OS X things are a lot more than service packs, and they don't charge you for a step down in speed, performance, and ease of use. Spotlight, multiple windows, expose updates, more speed, parental controls, less space taken up, better UI for Finder, Better Security, Parental Controls, Stacks, and all the other small things, make a LARGE update, definitely more than a puny service pack. And Apple doesn't charge you for features that SHOULD have been included in the original release (except for iPod Touch users getting OS 3.0, that one is unforgivable, even though I have an iPhone). besides, Windows 7 has maybe, a new UAC setup, faster then Vista (still pretty slow, in my experience, even with a 3 GHz Processor), better compatibility with devices (don't Linux AND Mac OS X have that?), and built in ISO burning. For no less than 50 bucks. great. FANTASTIC. Rip-Off.



don't waste your breath :>

Mac OSX service packs are the 3rd numbers, so 10.5.1 10.5.2 etc.

I still can't believe that I need to pay for ultimate for changing the interface language? hey microsoft, there are countries that can handle 2 languages, why should I pay $130 just for that. many languages LIP are available in the free LIP format, but is Arabic/Hebrew and other languages available for free? no, I have to pay for ultimate to get MUI. 

and this MUI language change won't effect IE and if I wanted to install arabic interface IE I need to uninstall all IE updates cause the download is "too old" .. thanks M$ for nothing






woah, that's deep!



To get a second language on the OS (And only a second language) I need to pay $130 more? When will Microsoft just have one edition of Windows for the regular users and have another one for "enterprise". Why cause the confusion?

I get a legitimate windows machine but only English interface so I have to use some "methods" to enable it, fix MUI microsoft ...


and fix the control panel, it still looks like windows 95 :D with search




I usually agree with you but in this case, all I will say is to hold off on this comment until you use Lotus Notes. Worst email client in the world - Lotus





I was ordering Home Premium from Costco when I decided to check New Egg. No shipping charge from the Egg so I went for Win7 pro from New Egg.




 The problem with the aluminum radiator could certainly be because it is matched with a copper waterblock.

This: can happen in a car's radiator or a computer's. 

 Try a web search for "dissimilar metal" for more information.



that "XP mode" is exclusively OEM, and only on bulk orders of Win7Pro PCs to buisnesses for instances where compatibility with buisness critical software would be an issue. Anyone else would have to take their XP disc and install it to a VPC.


You can have your recession. I'm not participating.



When it's all said and done it looks like my work day will be around 16 hours straight today.  I look forward to being able to wind down with the podcast.


Thanks for the service guys. 



If you want Windows 7
Home Premium for $50, or Pro for $100, you'll have to pre-order it.
Here's a list of places where you can find it, starting at 12 midnight
Eastern, 9pm Pacific tonight!

Remember, this is a limited-time offer,
and it only applies to Windows 7 Home Premium and Windows 7
Professional—not Windows 7 Ultimate, which may be what you've been
running in Beta or RC.

These retailers are also supposed to begin selling Vista systems tonight that will come with a free
Windows 7 upgrade on October 22. In other words, buy it right now, use
it right now, and upgrade in a few months for free. Just do yourself a
favor and ask first, before plunking down cash, because though most
manufacturers and retailers are on board (and why not?), some PC models
may not come with the free upgrade.

The online retailers participating in Microsoft's pre-order Win 7 disc sale starting at midnight Eastern tonight are:
Best Buy
Fry's Electronics
Office Depot
Office Max
Sam's Club
Tiger Direct
Nebraska Furniture Mart (What the?)

In Canada, you can hit:
Future Shop
Best Buy
London Drugs
The Source

And in Japan, the pre-order is available at:
Yodobashi Camera
Yamada Denki
Bic Camera
• and "all small partners" (whatever that means)



Thanks for the info, but I have a question.

Are you on Microsofts payroll? 






Nooo...he just reposted from Gizmodo w/o giving credit.

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