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I spent 6 years in the Airborne Infantry and can tell folks first hand that sometimes a 5.56 (M4) cant even punture an inflated tire.  I've seen it first hand, rounds (that I fired) bouncing right off a tire, numerous times.



6.8mm SPC



Come on guys how can you say that you cant believe Mythbusters on account of that myth. If any one of you actually saw the episode they did shoot a hole in the tank but it couldnt be done with smaller caliber weapons. The simple handgun that mr Bond used just wouldnt do it but the M1 garand rifle killed it. Just saying shooting with a "gun" is stupid. as you might know theres tons of guns and tons of calibers and bullet types.



I'm sorry. But the Mythbusters episode came down to two conclusions: a "9mm" round could not penetrate a propane tank but a 30-06 and 12 gauge slugs would.

First, I have not personally blown up a propane tank by shooting it but you can find plenty of people who have

done just this on are smaller tanks, but again, they're propane tanks and they blow up. There's no reason a slightly larger one wouldn't blow up as well under some circumstances.

 Second, do we know what round James Bond uses? Could his weapon be loaded with AP rounds?

Would an AP round go through a propane tank? I suspect it will but alas, AP rounds are illegal here.

But again, James Bond is a fictional character but I don't think it would be impossible for a spy to get and 

use AP rounds.




ROFL at the last 5 seconds.



Don't see it gordon!  I made that mistake and I'm still pissed how bad it was!!



Awww, Gordon! I'd go with you to see it. (I'm headed tonight).

I'm taking my wife tonight, and my sister tomorrow (payback for her watching the kids tonight).

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