No BS Podcast #102: The Hero Web 2.0 Needs



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I've read (a long time ago in one of those novels) that Kirk changed the program so that a certain technique would work and that he left it in the computer. Since then, none has ever beaten it even if the "cheat" is still there.

So he's still pretty awesome.... for a cheater.

A purist like you probably won't consider novels as canon though. 



For serious online gaming, I think headphones are far superior to a 5.1 surround setup anyways.  A good headset will give you better isolation and audio clarity, even if it's only in stereo mode.  The left/right separation is actually much more informative than most other aspects of sound.  Front/back isn't very important because you can see what's in front of you so determining if a sound is coming from behind you becomes very easy.  The hardest aspect is determining if sounds are above of below, though to be fair 5.1 speakers won't be much better at that.



 Jim Goldman is an insult to Mac users....

 MBP 17" built in battery will probably be removable in the next generation, but my friend did confirm that it lasted 8 hours... I never needed to replace/remove battery on all the notebooks that I ever used (Asus, Compaq, DTK, Acer and MBP 15").


Mac user and PC gamer.



I don't see this weeks video under archived videos on UStream.


fake gordon mah ung

WTF Gordon?!? First you tell me Han Solo is a drug dealer. Now James T. Kirk is a cheater and a rage quitter. Is nothing sacred? What next? Jean Luc Picard is a Mac user?

Still the best part of the podcast was when Will grudgingly refers to Norm as the best gamer of the group. I feel your pain. Getting old sucks.



 Yeah, do you think Andy or someone could mash the audio and video together then post the vid-cast? I live in Ontario, Canada and my time zone is different than the ecosystem- I mean- timezone of you guys in California. Eastern seaboard should not be left in the dark. I've also seen the Goldman interview you guys were talking about, even with the 'costs' extra included, you're still a good $450-$700 cheaper with a PC. And really, 130 dollars for a diagnostic? More like 40 bucks across the board Goldiggerman. We don't all have trust funds and big hefty paychecks for blabbing on over 'borrowed' material.

With that aside, as the Scout would say,

"Freakin' unbelievable!"     You guys do it yet again. Keep it up!





I Jedi

Actually, according to these guys on MaximumPC, they're not paid what you would think editors would be paid at. No. But, that's coming from them and no real factual source besides them.



Is it possible to download this video instead of streaming it from the Ustream channel?



Can you record the ustream video for all of us who don't do that web 2.0 tweeting shit? Thanks.


Great podcatst! Great Mag!



Tags: Dark Knight 2.0

Please, please, please revisit this beloved vigilante on future 'casts.



I was laughing because Will was laughing as he was doing the ad in the beginning. Great podcast.

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