100th No BS Podcast Spectacular: Nathan's New PC (The Apologies in Advance Edition)



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 From: http://www.entertonement.com/clips/flfnsdpmmh--Vista-Driver


The Beach Boys sang about their cars, but custom-built high-performance
PCs are the modern hot-rod. Nothing beats building your own PC from
scratch -- you get exactly what you want, and you get it for a lot
less. If you're reading this on a computer you built, hold your hand up
to the screen right now -- we're giving you a big geeky high-five
through the internet from your friends in Palette-Swap Ninja. This
parody of Survivor's "Eye of the Tiger" was written for Maximum PC
magazine's now-infamous musical 100th podcast. Keyboards and drums by
Jude Kelley; guitar, bass, kazoo, and vocals by Dan Amrich.



Did you guys come up with the song or did this guy who made digg copy cat you guys?





allrighty then MOJO keep's this post alive or something???

2 months have passed like a fart in the wind. sorry for people behind me . lol. this podcast is still mentioned on the show but not commented on here any more ???  :(   mojo really thought this would still be a somewhat hot topic but i guess we have all moved on   sob!!   cry!!!    boohoo!!!     oh well gordon is still the MAN!!! and keep this pod cast thingie going it just might work out for you guys yet ???? MOJO IS NOT SURE WHERE THE HELL THAT CAME FROM!!!  FLASHBACKSSSSSS!!! or something mor funny ??


 love you guys !!!!!! in a non-gay way of course i really guess that needs to be said seeing that your office is in sanfransico apoliges for gramatical and spelling errors. lol 



So I'm sitting outside on a Saturday and your podcast comes up on my pod and next thing I'm laughing like a goof and I can only imagine that the neighbors thought I had lost my mind.

The survivor number wasn't all it was meant to be, shit happens.

Veronica made for a good finale.

You all did a good job of stepping out of the usual bs celebration episode. 


L4D is for people who can't play TF2.

Really I'm just too cheap to pay for L4d.



I know this is a little late, but I wanted to say that I for one LOVED the singing show from start to Belmont finish!!! Just Loved it.


R. Word



The non-queen songs were a bit weak. Nathan has pretty so-so timing but nuclear bastard was good. Cudos for using beastie boys. The final song was well written and terrific and saved the entire thing.
  From hell's heart, I stab at thee.


Keith E. Whisman

Ok Maximum PC staff. After reading all 120+ posts here what is your favorite post here? Perhaps you can choose 2. What is the best Geek rage post and What is the best Kiss Ass Brown Nosing, BS Podcast comment posted? 


fake gordon mah ung

I've listened to every Max PC podcast to date and enjoyed them all. Episode 100 scores a 10 Kick Ass! I never realized that Natan E. possessed musical chops of that magnitude. Veronica with the f-bomb laced GLaDOS tribute brought it home. The only thing that could have made it better would've been Gordon singing "I Got You Babe" with Steve Jobs. Here's to 100 more.



What a fucking fantatic 100th podcast.

Why was this awesome sauce?

It was different, it was creative, it was an awesome change from the norm, it had a lot of colaboration  from old faces (thanks Jeremy!) and unbelievably ballsy.

 And, damn, Vericonica just racking up the hot points. That voice was amazing! Is that girl bad at anything she does?

 Thanks for making this not just another run-of-the-mill episode, or recap and highlight of past episodes, or extra long just for the sake of being extra long.

You guys went above and beyond - and that's why you're Maximum.




Just registered to let you know that I really, really appreciated this show. Finished listening to it a couple of minutes ago, and I can't stop smiling. Thanks guys!



i still say gordons comments and veronicas song were the high points of the show . but i think 21 min's for a show was alittle too short i really think that is why so many people are upset with this episode . like i said 7th time was the charm i really do appreicate the show more now that i know you guys can have fun and make fun of yourselves . its good to know that you have not gotten a big head over the podcast . i guess this is the true apoligy from mojo for all the krass comments i have made this week ....


i really think i see the big picture now and i think this episode was a good idea  , and i think the comments really will help you guys make the next 100 podcast all that much better . so keep up the good work and keep up the podcast . i think none of us are really that mad at you guys so i guess im saying keep it real !!!! cause that is what keeps us listening to the show 


love you guys !!!!!!                       in a non-gay way of course           i really guess that needs to be said seeing that your office is in sanfransico     apoliges for gramatical and spelling errors.     lol 



Very creative, and very funny.  The geek-rage of comments is cracking me up...I can't wait for the hate messages you read next week.

 looking forward to number 200 already.






Thanks for the best BS Podcast ever!



I just registered with this site after listening to this podcast for about a year now to express how truely awful that entire mess of a podcast was.

Please don't do that again.  I mean, at some point I thought this crap is going to stop so I jump ahead in the podcast to find more and more and more of it.

The only payoff was Veronica Belmont.

Generally, I find your efforts bareable and sometimes funny.  Some of your information is useful if poorly or not researched at all especially where listener questions are concerned.

Here's a word of advice for you, "Preparation".  Listen to the questions first, research a suitable response, and make the response.

Please don't waste our time with this kind of amateur hour BS.  Want to make fools of yourselves?  That's what youtube is for



I'm surprised. I always thought people would actually like that we answer the questions off the cuff with errors and all. It seems to me that to listen to the questions before hand and have a prepared answer isn't the same

as the "pop quiz" no safety net feel...




I realize you guys are busy and i personally like the fact that the doctor segment is off the cuff that is what the doc segment does in the magazine . besides most of the questions are not all that difficult i think this guy is refering to when people throw specific model numbers out there . GET REAL !! it is a general question that has a model number attached to it and if this guy actually listened to the podcast you guys do look up info if it is a hard question , you have done that for me on questions i have posted for the podcast . GORDON IS THE MAN!!!    and if your going to post a question at least listen to the show before you judge the podcast guys.




gordon if you could , mention this guy on the next podcast .

we all still love you guys and the podcast so keep up the good work and dont let the unimformed judge you.


i still think your(gordons) comments were classic and the highlight of the 100th podcast


peace out    g-man    !!!!!     WORD!!!!! 



Listened to it again this morning and I still think this is the best yet!

WTF? Not!


FTW? Yup!





WOW! Fucking awesome!! Props to Veronica. Great addition! Best. Podcast. Ever!



Before listening it for the 4th time, let me stop and tell you it was fucking awesome.

Much better than a video podcast I hoped for.



I normally love the podcast but I kept fast forwarding hoping for some substance.  Bad karokee was your idea of a spectacular 100th episode?  Wow.



...for all the podcasts!

 Holy cow, #100 was awesome -- loved it!  :)  So funny!  Epic win!

 Loyal subscriber, please stay in print!



We were coming back from the beach and my brother had to ride in the back of the truck, with the dog. See I was in the front seat with my dad and my sister-in-law cause she threw a stick for the dog to fetch but being a girl she let the stick fly sideways and it went right through my cheek

But it got better see cause the dog got the shits all over the back of the truck and my brother howled like a banshee trying to get away from it while tried to find a spot in the bed of the truck not coated in dog diarrhea. But it got worse (or better from my point of view) because it was so watery (the shit) that it dripped out the back of truck under the tailgate on to the windshield of the guy behind us, who tried (without success) to use his windshield washers to clean it, so he ended up pulling over cause his windshield was coated. So despite being totally grossed out from the stench we laughed our asses off, me whistling out the side of my cheek in pain but I couldn't stop.

Not sure why your podcast #100 reminded me of that but it did.

Thank GOD for Veronica Belmont!



ok i have relistened to it again i think it might be growing on me alittle       like a rash     lol 

im really tring to find something besides gordons comment and veronicas song . those are still the high points

of the 100th episode . and to update took my friends to lunch $67.43 is what it cost me to save face with my friends for recomending they listen to the 100th episode , and it is offical you lost 4 potentai listeners so should i send the recipit to will or nathan to get my money back . plus like i expected i have been hering about this alll week ,


i know i said it in several other posts on this episode i really hope this is episode 100 A and the rest is comming soon . i was also right about this being a hot topic i think this is post #103 im sure it will continue to grow in numbers i hope this does not divide the listeners that would be bad


ohwell guess if you were tring to figure out who listens guess you got your numbers .



Future generations will agree. I look forward to the day that this is mounted as a high school musical.




I wasn't going to renew until I herd this 100th edition of the No BS podcast. After hearing this I new I was home among geeks,nerds and total losers. How could I leave........



Gordon F#%K'n rules.......



I've always thought people who were happy to be the first to post were assholes, but here I am on my day off logging in so I can be the 100th comment on our 100th podcast!

 My comment: Yay, I'm the 100th post!

 p.s. That must make me an asshole!



so i guess your not a asshole.     dont worry mojo got your back             lol


hope that did not sound gay      cause it wasnt       lol 



I gotta say, I knew something was up when I started it on my Zen and noticed it was only 21 minutes.  But, the horribly, HORRIBLY tone-deaf rendition of "Eye of the Tiger" not withstanding, it was a fun and enjoyable episode up until the "GLADos" version.  That threw it over the top into freaking classic land.  I laughed so hard at the lyrics to that I am surprised I didn't wreck my car.  I did rewind and listen to it about 5 times though. 

Awesome stuff, loved it.  Thanks a LOT for doing that one!



It's cool you guys did something special for the 100th.


Belmont and Gordon sure saved the day. "I still subscribe" is going to be a classic.



Fool me once ... shame on you!

Fool me twice ... 



What's the original title of the first song?



...wow.  that one's a classic, man!  :o



the 100th would have been alot better with the davester aboard 


Keith E. Whisman


Album=A Night At The Opera

Song Name=Bohemiam Rhapsody but only like the first half of that song. It would have been better if they would have gone with the whole song.  



We did use the whole song. The second half came after my stunning rendition of Eye of the Tiger, though, so you may not have heard it. Or you may have just blocked it from your memory. 



I liked it all. Great Job!



Thanks. :) I know it's a classic, but I just couldn't remember the title. :D



the show was EPIC WIN.  Never expected it to be a musical; it really made my day.  


Keep up the good work! 



nathan i really want your new computer

that thing must be smoking fast and how much did it cost



With great anticipation I shoved my freshly burned podcast CD in the car stereo. Finally the 100th. Will seems to be rushing through the witty banter. Nathan's little song, cute, rap, hmm, what happened next had me writing you an invoice for the wasted CD. Then redemption, head banging, and convincing all my fellow commuter that the guy in that car is certifiable. You guys are the best. Who can resist geeks in falsetto. Gordon better be careful, you have rant competition. Thanks for the ride.



I'm a long-time listener to various tech-related podcast. Yours is my favorite and your 100th episode is the best so far! Thank you for taking the time and effort to make it special. It's a keeper. I won't delete the episode in my mp3 player. Quite useful when a quick laughter is needed!


Keith E. Whisman

Someone please send this podcast to the Judges of American and British Idol. I would love to hear what the judges think of this travesty. 

You guys should not even be allowed to sing in church. Not even the shower.

The podcast did remind me of my passengers on the City bus that wear Ipods and sing aloud with the music on their Ipods. Unfortunately they suck at singing and should just listen to their Ipods with their mouths shut. Don't even fucking hum along. 



I will refrain from experessing my overall opinion of the podcast (enough people have done that), but I will say that it was way, way too short. I was hoping for a 2 hour+ spectacular. Also, I would have greatly preferrred a video podcast. Thanks for the effort, though.


Oh. BTW, I would prefer higher "Podcast Security" (equivalent to job security) if the podcast is in danger, even if it means (gasp!) ads





An army of pacifists can be defeated by one man with the will to fight.



That might have been the worst thing i've heard since...  ever, but god damn, i loved every geeky, off-key second of it.


Keith E. Whisman

I listened to the whole thing last night when I went to bed. I have an Ihome alarm clock radio with Ipod dock next to my bed. The LCD on my alarm clock cracked and broke while listening to this.

I am happy that I heard repeatedly that the real ep100 will be here next week so I'm happy and am surprised as I have been totally owned by the MaximumPC Staff. I believe this podcast was designed to piss us off. LOL.

I love that last song full of curse words. My virgin ears will never be the same. You don't hear girls curse like that too much anymore. Not since my mom got out of the navy.

Veronica kicks ass.

One question though, why Queen? Is it because of the city MaximumPC offices are located in? Queen was the most gay band since the Village people. 



"Some people truly are quite dense."

Really?  Who's more dense.  Those who noticed that the max staff knew it was so bad that not only did they apologize right up front in the title but then scripted a song for hottie hot Veronica B in an attempt to diffuse the negative comments they KNEW they were going to get. 

 Or those who fall into the mindset of "Well they apologized up front and did a preemptive song at the end....so even though it sucked all that is balls I forgive them because they knew it was bad."


Excuse me if that mindset doesn't make sense to me.


They knew it was horrible....and they aired it anyways.  I work in radio.  Never, never, never try to reinvent the wheel over night.  Consistency is why people come back.  They may not know what they are going to hear exactly...but they do know how they are going to hear it.


When you find a formula that works.....stick with it. 

 And heres my preemptive:


No one can use the "well it's free" excuse.  Think of it this way.  Most folks pay a montly cable bill to have access to hundreds of channels.  Most folks also pay a montly internet bill to have access to hundreds of podcasts.  Doesn't matter if they dont get paid directly to do it...that all part of the "new media" concept. The magazine, the podcats, and the online website are all one in the same these days.  If one lacks it can have negative impacts on the other two.  As I said...I work in News radio.  I would be out of a job if I went on the air one day and did a musical instead of the news. BTW....tuning into a radio station....thats free too.  My listeners expect consistency.....and so do yours.


Podcast crew:  Never lose sight that you are doing this for your listening audience...not yourselves.  At least not anymore. 



I appreciate the hell out of you guys getting out of your comfort zone and dropping some "lyrical" bombs to make the 100th "special", or at least memorable!  I'm sure you'd admit that the singing wasn't wonderful, but I respect the hell out of your brass balls for putting it out there like that.  Also, big props are due for some excellent lyrics and production.  

I'm surprised at some of the negative comments, particularly after Veronica's EXCELLENT preemptive STFU.  Some people truly are quite dense.

Thank you for a little added spice to my day!

Now don't do it for another 100 episodes... :P



... a few minutes into the singing, I realized it was supposed to be there (and not an accidental overmix from the FutureUS secret microphone location in the office on Let's Act Wacky Wednesday.  As soon as i heard Gordon, I knew it wasn't a mistake).  Once i got out of the mindset of my everyday job (dealing with computers, networking, troubleshooting ... basically things they talk about normally), I thought this was an interesting twist and certainly special.

For the people who are complaining about it ... Number 1: be thankful it lasted only 22 minutes ... and 2: at least they didn't decide to use Pink Floyd's The Wall as their musical base!

And considering Veronica was part of the finale, the Staff figured there would be a significant amount of backlash, so they put it all out there.  (Veronica must read the forum posts and comments as well because she was right on!)

And yes, a Brass Balls Award (and the equivalent guts award to the ladies) to the entire staff and everyone involved for doing it!  It certainly broke up my routine (M' yeah...about those TPS reports ...)

Plus ... I think there was an Elvis sighting at 20:10.  Too bad there wasn't a Murphy sighting :-(  He could have been in the NewEgg warehouse reconstructing Fort Murphy.

I know I'll be laughing next time i visit NewEgg :-)




There's room for a little Fort Murphy in each of us.



that "special" maximumpc 100th episode suked massive donkey ba11s. I
mean like Peruvian, dominant male, pack animal ba11s. A bunch of "funny"
music skits that I fast forwarded through. And no rant!! I'm off to see my therapist.

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