Nintendo Responds to 3DS “Black Screen of Death,” Headache Complaints



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I can't really say that the headaches are Nintendo's fault, whether from the 3D or not. As far back as I can remember I've seen little warning slips in all of my new game console's boxes (and some in the game's boxes themselves) that have a warning on them telling consumers that they should take a break every now and then. I have yet to buy a console that doesn't have this warning, so all in all, people don't really have a point to complain on. It's been an issue since I bought my NES years ago. Take an Excedrin and keep on gaming!



The problem is that we have too many casual gamers... ruined the industry.



I can buy a fully fledged RPG like Zenonia or Zenonia 2 for iphone on itunes app store for like $2.99 or free with Installous or I can buy one from Nintendo IN 3D! for $40 i'm sorry I dont think 3D is worth the $37 markup. Its a different environment. If I sell widgets at $100 and someone comes out with a way or a process to sell similar widgets at a minor decrease in quality for $10 then I need to totally change the way I do business or I don't survive.  I get undercut to death. The most Nintendo should be charging for portable video games is $15 maybe $20 for the really quality ones.



What a terrible comparison. I have Zenonia and Inotia 2 & 3 on my cell phone, and while they're great cheap games they aren't even remotely close in quality to a DS game, let alone a game in 3D. Sure, they're great games for a buck to $5-6 but you get what you pay for. Cell phone gaming has it's own niche, convenience and cost. That's it. Any other category its completely dominated by stand alone gaming systems like a 3DS or PSP.



So, Nintendo should dumb down their games for you casual cell phone gamers?

I don't think so!

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