Nintendo 3DS Costs $103 to Build



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Is everyone forgetting the reatailers role n this picture, on average retailers have around a 30-35% profit margin, so for an item that retails at $249.99 the retailer is going to  get one third, rounded up to around $85.00 which greatly reduces the amount of money you are all thinking Nintendo is getting to around $165.00  -$103.00 manufacturing cost which now only leaves $62.00 to cover packaging, shipping fees, any other distribution fees, costs of advertising, point of sale marketing displays, all of which have to be covered out that largely reduced amount (no longer sounds like the bad villain now does it) and thats not to mention about recouping R&D costs to design the product.



This is the most gimmicky device has released, I mean the wii is pretty much useless except for Smash Brothers and now they release this even more useless thing. I think I;m just going to wait for the PSP2 because Sony is making HUGE advancements in mobile gaming their game store with old PS1 games is genious.



These fucking things arn,t worth a dollar never mind $199



I only had one in my hands for a few minutes at the Best Buy display, which featured Pilot Wings. I was pretty disapointed with the quality of the 3D. You had to view it at a very precise angle in order to see the 3D so that can be problematic if you're not used to gaming in that position. I still have hope for it though and we'll see what happens after trying out some other games.



I don't think they're going to make "such a huge profit."  Early units especially reflect the high cost of research and development, which the build cost doesn't take into account.  Nintendo doesn't have the deep pockets of Sony and Microsoft, they can't afford to take a loss on their products.



I picked up mine the other day and I am a bit disapointed by the quality of the unit. It seems pretty cheap. The camera is less then adequate and the graphics are pretty weak. I can't see why they couldn't of gone with a little of nicer hardware instead of trying to make such a huge profit. No need to be greedy Nintendo. The quailty of your games is more then enough for you to make your profits back. Now you need to compete with the likes of Apple and Sony along with other players who are making 3D hardware with much better hardware and graphic units. They may not have the games but it's not long before developers are unable to to support your old cheap hardware. Games developed for the the Unreal 3 engine will not run on the 3DS while they support systems like IOS and Android, you need to step your game up Nintendo and soon.



As Scotso said, Nintendo can't really afford to considerably beef up their hardware, then barely make any money back off of it.  Sony and Microsoft are HUGE conglomerate corporations that can do that sort of thing (cough cough PS3), but not Nintendo.

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