Next Nintendo Console Likely Won't Support 3D



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The whole 3D thing no matter for what device is such a joke.  I just wish they'd give it up (like Nintendo is apparently doing) rather than try to continue to cram it down our throats.



Nintendo is a failing company, they cant compete with the old arcade style gaming, it works for kids but no adult gamer is going to buy one of these until they come out with a realy consol such as the Xbox 360 or PS3. Its only a matter of time before they realize they will never be able to truly compete in the home consol market.



Unless I'm mistaken, Nintendo has always targeted a younger audience and families with their games. Not that there isn't games for adults, but their success has always been with marketing to kids.



First off, it's spelled console, not consol.

Second, what do you mean "no adult gamer is going to buy one of these until they come out with a realy consol such as the Xbox 360 or PS3". That sentence makes so sense at all. What is a "realy consol"?

Last time I checked, the Wii, PS3 and XBox 360 are all home gaming consoles in the traditional sense. OnPlay is not. The PSP, GameGear, NeoGeo line, GameBoy and DS line are all portable gaming consoles.

And how exactly is Nintendo "a failing company" when they have posted profits almost every year. And not small ones, but large giant profits that companies like Microsoft's XBox division and Sony's Playstation division would only dream of. In both the home game console and portable game console market.

It was harder to get your hands on a Wii for the first year than it was for PS3 or 360. To me, that indicates a successful company with a successful product.

Nintendo has, many times over, revolutionized the gaming industry and revived it. Sony hasn't at all, and Microsoft has started to with the Kinect. Out of the big 3, Sony is doing the worst.

3D displays as it currently stands with the glasses and super expensive TVs, is going to pass and fade away, and technology that doesn't require them like in use in some emerging Samsung TVs and the Nintendo 3DS are going to be the norm, and will be the next step to 3D holographic projections/displays.


Personally, I'm glad that the successor to the Wii will NOT have 3D as its a useless technology. Having multi-channel audio with 1080p visuals and a good online service will be more accepted and useful.



My dad and I were just talking about this, and he was asking me why Nintendo doesn't have a 3D home console.

Of course it won't be 3D, glasses free 3D TV's aren't out en mass yet. Only then is it plausible. Yeah Sony has 3D now in their PS3 games, but I bet only a small fraction can even use that. 3D on a DS makes sense because it has its OWN 3D screen and easily sold to the masses.

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