Zynga CEO Defends Copycat Game Strategy in Leaked Memo



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I would seriously look at shorting this stock if I had the money to risk. Not blindly of course. Cautiously, following solid technical and fundamental analysis. They don't know how to make anything unique and their business model is extremely flawed. Once people tire of their very basic novelty type games, they will be in trouble. And their CEO seems to want to keep things going in exactly the same direction. Not a good combination for a company with a P/E ratio of 167...... I don't think they will last and there could be some serious money to be made shorting this company.



That's some pretty impressive tap-dancing, Pincus. But you're still a thief. Stealing is stealing, no matter how you sugarcoat it or try to justify it to yourself. Quit trying to convince yourself you're the victim, because I ain't buying it -- literally.



He's nothing but a (another) dishonest millionaire (billionaire?) business person putting excessive profit ahead of any moral guidance. Just a common thief, if you ask me.



This is only somewhat related, but I'm curious if other Canadians close to my age will remember this the same way I do...

Back in the 90s I used to use ICQ as a teenager. At the time it was a very good IM client. Home computers weren't as common back then, and it's not like everyone at school used an IM client, but those who did used ICQ or maybe AIM (more common among my American friends online). Microsoft introduced MSN Messenger some time after I had been using ICQ for a while. They also aired national commercials for the product, but the commercials basically just advertised the concept of IMing. Because of the commercials, kids who had never used IM services before started to use MSN, and ICQ declined. My other tech-minded friends and I were really disappointed that this inferior software could get a hold in this way. Oh well.

Zynga takes it one step further, though. At least MSN Messenger was actually DIFFERENT from ICQ. I've never seen such a major developer blatantly rip things off in the same way Zynga does. People who say otherwise haven't checked out the games for themselves.



Million dollar companies borrow, billion dollar companies steal.



So to get this straight Zynga can copycat whatever they want and brag about it, but when Vostu did the same thing to them, Zynga had a tantrum and slapped a lawsuit against Vostu? Hypocrisy at its best Pincus!

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