Zune Deserves Some Props for it's New Approach



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I own a Zune and think this will be a great update.  Hopefully Zune 30's will get the update like the newer ones.  The XNA game scene for the zune is pretty good, and the FM radio is a great feature.  As far as the microtransactions, why not just purchase $20 worth of points and use them over time.  They don't expire do they? 

I really like the Zune as a music player and casual gaming device much more than any ipod or creative player I have used.  Although, if I was around wifi without a laptop a lot when I am just listening to music or podcasts, I might like the iPod touch.



You ask "Why not just purchase $20 worth of points and use them over time" to which my response would be:

Why not just give your local gas station or grocery store or any other local establishment $20 to hold on to for you.  Oh, and by the way...that $20 you gave them is non-refundable.  So if the gas station across the street or the grocery store another block down starts offering a better product, well, you're either out $20 or your over spending.  Oh, and while it may be extremely minimal...you could be earning interest on that $20 instead of Microsoft.



Unfortunately, I can't get myself to utilize the new wireless features of the product do to Microsoft's "Microsoft Point" system.  Until they allow me to use local currency instead of Microsoft's Monopoly money and allow me to make "micro-transactions" of $0.99 (ie an individual song) instead of forcing me to spend a minimum of $5 on a "point bundle" which will leave excess point balance not equalling up to anything...I will keep going to Amazon.com's download service, thus making the FM radio tagging and wireless download service worthless.



I have to agree with this completely.  I love my Zune, had the gen 1 ever since it came out when my wife (fiance at the time) bought one for me.  I even love it despite the brown color...


but the Microsoft Point system always gets me.  I've stopped buying songs through the Zune Marketplace because of this fact, and I really think it is hurting Microsoft.  Maybe it is some sort of catchy thing on the XBox 360, but this isn't an XBox 360 and in the world of the PC people have options.  Amazon Downloads is my store of choice, but I could easily be swayed by the Zune Marketplace convenience if they would just make it convenient. 



It would be nice if Microsoft would get the Zune marketplace working in Canada finally; I have My zune, with nothing to download (from a trusted site anyway). All I have heard is talk from Microsoft with no results.

 Still love My Zune as A MP3 player though:)

The grass is always greener on the other side.




Best mp3 player I have ever seen.  They don't sell this one anymore and as far as I can tell they have removed the one feature from the new versions that makes this one stand out...Those free downloads mentioned by the other commentor...I can hook my Zen up to my tv via RCA A/V connections and watch video files.  Bye bye blockbuster.  I've had it for 2 years now and am just now considering having the headphone jack resoldered.  I keep it in a leather case so the screen is in flawless condition.  They upgraded them to a widescreen format and if I could find one NEW I would prolly get it.  Otherwise I have no plans whatsoever to replace this.  I think if these things are gonna play videos of some sort, they should have some sort of video output.


Keith E. Whisman

Microsoft how about just focusing on making an MP3 player that I can't live without. That's what Apple did with the Ipod and has never looked back. Well actually they did make the Iphone but that was only after making the best MP3player possible. 

Don't build a device that keeps spending our money. I'm not rich and that just turns me off. That really is'nt all that exciting to me. Most people already have their music on CD or from Ahem downloads (free torrents). Instead of offering an option to purchase the music on the player howabout just offering up the details of music played on the FM radio. Tell me what I'm listening to.

Let me go and find the music myself. I don't want a device that constantly tries to get me to spend more money.

Microsoft give me more entertaining and meaningfull features is what I'm trying to tell you. I've already got the music.

And what about Digital radio? If your going to have a radio why not give me FM and Digital radio? That's whay I'm talking about Microsoft. Make it so cool that I'll throw my Ipod to the curb in favor of your device. 

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