Zotac Third in Line with 2GB GTX 460 Graphics Card



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1 - It runs cooler ...

2 - It cost less by the pair ..

3 - the GF-104 is the GF-100 done right ...

4 - Its a 2 gig frambuffer that when you put it all together costs a lot less than a 480 .. a win win for us budget cruncers .. but hey .. If one wants to put together a tri level 480 that is water cooled that can heat a small appartment then hey .. go for it...


Keith E. Whisman

Why would anyone purchase one of these? Just purchase two GTX480's and be done with it. There should be a 2gig GTX480, though I'm going to wait for the GTX485 with all the processor cores running. I want the full processor running. The GTX 480 isn't that bad of a card after it's been water cooled. As for the 470, it can be water cooled and volt modded to increase the overclocking potential. CPU Magazine did an article on volt modding the GTX470 and they were able to achieve performance close to and even matching that of the GTX 480.

If you just want a high end card for all that much money then I would get the ATI 5870 unless you want to water cool and volt mod a GTX470.

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