Zotac Slings an Intel Core i5 Processor Into Pint Sized Zbox



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I'm gonna go out on a very very thick limb and say they're going to be overpriced.

Every single time Zotac comes out with a computer like this I really really want to get one but it's always way overpriced. Which is a shame because I'm pretty sure there are a LOT of people out there would like a MacMini-esque computer that runs Windows and is a lot cheaper. If they just gave us what we want then they'd sell a crapload of units. I can almost guarantee it. But no, greed has to get in the way, as usual, and prevent them from profits AND us from getting what we want.

P.S. Here's hoping Zotac gets the idea.



Thing is, even at the Zotac price premium it'll still be cheaper and faster than a Mac Mini.

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