Zotac Introduces Three New ZBOX mini-PCs



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I love these simple yet capable machines which are quite thrifty with space and power, instead of a DRM constrained console this would rule the TV room in my castle.



Now if we can just get the nano form factor to stream 1080p flash AND silverlight video without stuttering- life would be good. I'm really hoping the 867 based nano is just that animal.

Surface mount on the back of a 1080p display and stream Youtube, Netflix & bluray flawlessly- excuse me , I'm getting a nerd bulge.



"The Zotac ZBOX ID82 -- they have to come up with better names for these things!"
I agree. The first thing I thought of when I saw that was "well why don't they just call it the ID 10T ZBOX".




Just split them in 3 lines
1. office ver1, 2, 3
2. gaming ver1, 2, 3
3. basic ver1, 2, 3

one version of each every year.

This is the way to go about naming. Not VG334 px454 amd 3454 <= this does not make any sense!

Make it comprehensive so a person could understand if he is buying a new model or an old model. If someone needs the specs, just let them look the specs and that's all. Simple as that

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