Zotac Embraces Mini-ITX Form Factor, Launches Two New Mobos



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Hey maxPC, do you ever do reviews on mini-ITX boards? If not is there a place anyone knows they can suggest of? A future project of mine is a case mod that involves building a computer out of a mini-ITX board...essentially I want to make a small HTPC to hook up to my TV. Thanks for whatever info you may have.



Stay away from Jetway.  They'll advertise that you can use a more modern CPU in their system, but they forget to you tell you that you need to update your BIOs with an older CPU installed in order to get the new CPU working.  Also, make sure you check the specs.  Many companies will advertise they can take something like a Phenom II X6, but forget to tell you if it's under 95 Watts.  If you know where to get a 95 Watt X6, please let me know.  I wanna take pictures. 

I have had nothing but issues getting Mini-ITX systems up and running.  Here's one.  I bought 3 Lian-Li Mini-Q PC-Q08s to build 3 servers from NewEgg.  Then I got 3 "Mini-ITX" power supplies as well from NewEgg.  The Lian-Li takes a full blown powersupply!  It wouldn't be so bad, but I work in Afghanistan and will have to wait another month for the proper powersupplies to get here so I can build the systems and send them home to my family back home.

Oh, just so you know, for just pure media sharing, not playing, a Mini-ITX system running FireFly and Mediatomb on Ubuntu Server works like a charm.



Thanks for the info. Much appreciated

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