Zotac Announces The AD10, Palm Sized ZBOX Powered By AMD Brazos



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My netbook has a screen. where is the screen on this thing?



do you guys now what sort of if any fans that thing has



my shuttle SFF has taught me that the trade off for small can be noise =p  in the power supply in my shuttle is way to loud w/ a obnoious 60mm ... in fact now it has to live in a closet as a file server cause I can't stand it being next to me.



Geoff at TechReport.com did an excellent full review including dis-assembly of the unit.  His major gripe was indeed the fan.  It does have admirable UEFI access fan controls and the out-of-the-box decibel level is just fine but he is concerned time will not be kind to the fan's noise output.  

He did give it an "Editor's Choice" rating however.  Also confirmed $320 for the Plus version.  Very favorable review.

Looks like I'll be giving it a go.



Hi Justin,

Please try to confirm that $276 asking price.  I'm old and it is Sunday so all my neurons are not firing but I don't think that price is doable for everything except the OS.  

If so I'll be buying several 

Edit: After a little research, I'm seeing $320 for the Plus and $270 for the barebones.  Reference AVS forum.  Still interesting and quite a value with a Linux OS or if you have a spare copy of Windows lying around

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