Zalman Shows Off Gargantuan Cooler With Remote Control



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MOJOSICO says DAAAMM !!! will that bad boy even fit in a case or do you have to make a custom side panel for it........


digital demon

Zalman is starting to remind me of Intel near the end of the P4 days. Don't make it better, just make it faster...or in this case, bigger. I mean, seriously...come on. That thing is going to have trouble fitting in most normal sized cases and I can almost guarantee it's going to get blown away by coolers from lesser know companies. So what's the point? And a wired remote? So you have to leave it dangling in your case and open it up every time you want to adjust the fan speed? Greeeeeat idea.



Why doesn't Zalman actually focus on making a heatsink that can actually compete with the best ones out there, regardless of their size, rather than continuing to fight for the most unnecessary and overpriced titles.


For pete's sake it's easy enough to name a dozen, or two, other heatsinks witch completely trounce their best efforts and are not only cheaper, but don't resort to Zalman's nonsense by compensating for what they lack with useless fluff.


They are yet to make any significant inroads against Scythe for sheer quietness, nor are they making any significant ground against the other manufacturers out there like Titan, Xigmatech (big nod there), Thermoright, or even Sunbeam who's winning recipe is still not only competitive but arguably the "gold standard" which everyone else is doing their best to clone and improve upon to this day.

Until I see Zalman put less plastic and more competence into their heatsinks I am going to remain unimpressed. Independent reviews (i.e. not advertising motivated) routinely seperate the men from the boys in this area, and no amount of make up is going to make a pig of a heatsink into a prom queen... More like a drag queen in this case :D


To Zalman's credit, they are at least going to the upright cooling tower with "heatpipes and fins galore" design, but how well they've done it, and their colossal blunder of omitting the most obvious route that would be to add options for a second, third, and even a fourth fan (that can all be replaced with whatever you want) is a huge mistake on their part that will haunt them when compared to the competition that CAN do just that, such as the Scythe Infinity/Mugen and Thermalright Ultra 120 among others.


At this point, they are still building Pinto's in a world populated with Ferraris, Lamborghini, McLarens, and Bugattis... Another generation or two if this same concept, and they will be where other manufacturers were at the turn of the millenium.



We've seen big heatsinks before, and while size matters--sometimes the big ones just let you down.  I'll wait for a review, but stick with my xigmatek for the time being.  Besides... a wired remote?  Come on, I haven't used a wired remote since we owned a betamax VCR.

What next?  Yelling to a midget located inside the case to adjust the dial up or down?


teh 1337 haxxor

Size doesn't matter. What DOES matter is surface area and how much air the fan can push...



Go ahead and build a supermassive heat sink out of American cheese.  Go ahead.  See, materials, build quality, and effective heat dissapation are much more important than how much air the fan can push.  Surface area is meaningless if the materials or build quality is crap.  And fans have to deal with the resistance of the heat sink design itself--regardless of how much air they can push out on their own.




lol and your statement is in conflict with itself unless you don't get into consideration noise level and power consumption. In order for a small area be as efficient as large area, more air has to pass through and usually a smaller fan has to be used. As smaller the fan gets as noisier it become and in some cases it requires more power to operate.


Anyway, wireless remote control fan? Give me a break, it's as useful as a bow tie on a dog.



If the remote was wireless that would just seal the deal :P



holy cow thats a large cooler. and i thought the 9900 was big. that's bigge r than the hand holding the remote! i don't see how that thing will defy gravity if hanging sideways. i can picture it only being mounted upright, but not sideways, for sure, unless u have some good string or some ties to suspend the heavy end in the case.



Have fun mounting that son of a bitch!



I heard they were originally going to call it the Overkill 1000.





 well put hehe



Thats more like a CPU removal tool than a CPU cooling device. I would be afraid of that thing ripping the cpu socket right off the board.

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