Z77 Ivy Bridge-Ready Mobos Flood The Streets



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ASUS P8Z77-V Deluxe times 3 please...



I picked up a Biostar TZ77XE3 yesterday from my local shop for $135. It's being used with an i7-2600. So far it works like a champ.



Are there any plans to release a chipset for Socket 2011 that also does SSD caching?

I have a 3930K, which rocks, but my 2 TB drive brings performance down way too far. I have recently aquired a 60G SSD, buy I don't want to have to reinstall my OS again. It's finally configured how I want it. I've been using it to put the swap file on it, but that doesn't seem to help too much.


Peanut Fox

This sort of thing has been my problem with the x79 chipset. There is a lot of trade off from main stream features, with little gain. The argument here is that if a person is willing to pony up for a more expensive performance heavy chipset like x79, why cut corners with things like SSD caching? You could slap 1 or 2 SSDs in your system and not have the speed detriment that SSD caching has on none cached data. Granted you'd have to deal with a smaller data pool for an OS drive. Is that what's holding you back?

Intel hasn't said anything yet, but maybe x79's succor with Ivy Bridge E will have something.



Yes, the size restriction, to say nothing of cost, is exactly what's holding me back from using an SSD as my primary drive. While it would certainly be so much faster, I can't have my entire Steam library loaded on my 60GB drive like I can on my painfully slow 2TB hard drive. (Its not the only thing I have on that drive, but it's the best example I have for my case)

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