YouTube Now Serving Up 6 Billion Hours of Video Each Month



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I have been noticing latency issues with youtube video streaming service lately. It seems to be a on and off thing, and the source of the problem is youtube. I wonder if their servers are getting overloaded or maybe their throughput is not enough to support all the steams at certain times of the day.



That's a lot of "sittin on the toilet" views...



I'm fed up with Youtube, because it works only half the time on Fios, and it's not just me either.



I have loved and I have used YouTube for personal as well as business for years, however, many of us are starting to look for alternatives and that is because of the required video advertising watch with more and more video's all the time. I can see ads for the really popular ones and being able to skip the ad after 10 seconds or so of watching is tolerable. But, having to watch a full 30 second ad just to be able to watch a short video is enough to make many of us just click off.



Someone has to pay for all those servers and staff to maintain them. Unless you want to start paying for Youtube yourself waiting a few seconds isn't that big of a deal.



I forgot YouTube has ads. I got AdBlock Plus a while ago and haven't seen the YouTube ads since. If only it worked for tablets...




I wouldn't even go to youtube if I had to watch ads. Thank god for Adblock plugin.

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