YouTube Fires Back at Naysayers, MythBusters Style



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7 out of 10 people who comment on youtube videos couldn't solve The following math problem: 1+2=N.

Someone needs to create a sister site for youtube just for comments. Maybe call it Although, sometimes the real comments are good for a laugh.



 Yes, Kari's a good one, pregnant or not.

 Yes, their video is grainy. I see the HQ button, but it rarely does anything. It's only for the content added after that feature was implemented, and even then the full screen looks horrible. 70% of their videos were uploaded with the old quality.

 For years people fought with their TV antennas for a good picture. Then we got color. But we wanted better quality. Then we got Vcr's, but we wanted better quality. Then we got cable and sattellite, but we wanted better quality. Then we got DVD's and hi-def......

And suddenly I woke up one morning and people were happy with the way youtube looked. I just don't get it.

It's a great service, a real pioneer that built itself on user created mostlycr@p, but the one thing it was NOT was good quality. The HQ videos are a lot better than the old, but there's still too much low quality that exists.

 I think they can say they "have good quality capability now", but they should not be boasting that they "ARE" good quality.



"There's no time like the future."



Its not necessarily YouTubes fault on the poor quality videos.  Its more about the uploader and what his recording quality was.



Does anybody else think Kari Byron is hot?



if you're into pregnant women



I didn't even know or care of these myths. It's a simple user-video uploading service. It used to be good but now it's starting to be a pain. Especially the HD content. I have a decent connection, yet it's still slow as f***. I believe they say it uses flash, too. After hearing about Foxit Reader....well I have heard a lot more negative feelings towards Adobe.

At least they "came through" on these "myths".

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