YouTube Expands Google Account Support



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Awesome! Now when you get popped for violating Google BS real names policy on Google+ you can also lose you YouTube account along with your Picasa, Reader, and Buzz access.

Waiting for them to tie Google Profiles to GMail fully.

Google = Evil



I'm just an amatuer and I still make movies on youtube. I don;t have professional equipment and don't even bother to edit my vids.  I don;'t sing and I am not a manufactured pseudo-celebrity or a prostitot showing what she hasn't got. I'm jsut a guy who likes to rant like gordon. Cannot blame the ads that's waht makes money.   I don't think Ill ever get famous or make enough to live off of.  But a little extra cash is nice.



@Neel Chauhan

Too many commercials?  Get the add-on Ad-block Plus and go into Ad-block's options and subscribe to Fanboy's List. Works on Firefox and Chrome.


I can't remember the last time I saw an ad!



Wow bring on the hate?


Cosmic Panda looks quite well and minimalistic, though Im not fond of the playlisting etc.

Another gripe for me is that the new design sucks if you have slow internet. Cant do anything until the website is fully loaded... that can take 10 minutes, until I can comment on the 3 minute video.... FFS.


Also, why the F cant I use multiple sign-in on youtube? It annoys the sh!t out of me.



It is more-or-less used as a promotional tool. YouTube to me looks like something my cat coughed up.


Neel Chauhan

Anyways, YouTube SUCKS!

They are too commercial these days. Back in 2009 the most viewed videos were just funny videos from ordinary people using ordinary camcorders, not autotuned professional singers which I don't even like.

And their user interface sucks. Their pre-2010 interface was much better than what they use now. Their old one looked clean versus now. Probably the nonsense they put in made me watch less videos, but everyone hates the new youtube.

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