YouTube Adds Privacy-Protecting Face Blurring Option



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John Pombrio

It's usually not someone's FACE that needs covering up, heh.



Its good that YouTube has added these security feature.



Your Avatar Icon takes some of the weight out of your comment.



So now you can post the video of you and your crew vandalizing houses, dropping rocks of overpasses, getting high, or beating the hell outta somebody without any fear of the cops IDing 1/2 of your crew (the 1/2 in good lighting and w/ proper angles).

I have been waiting years to publish my stockpile of face filled criminal behavior vids ... Way to go Google!



It would be pretty easy for Google to get your original video to the police.



I'm with hastyscorpion on this one. In order to process the video, it would need to be at least uploaded to Google's servers. Whether or not they keep the original videos is another question, but I haven't seen them be real big about NOT keeping data, right?

Also, if someone wants to post videos of them doing illegal things, they can always wear a mask. The idea behind this tech - I think - is to provide a way for people to post videos of protests and other popular movements without endangering the lives of the people involved in the activity. If you pay attention to international news, you know that many people who were interviewed by western news agencies in Libya under Gaddafi were subsequently hunted down by the regime. Anonymity can be good for democracy - just ask voters.


Bullwinkle J Moose


The gatekeepers would love for you to believe that you are anonymous untill they come knocking at your door with a battering ram

Anyone who thinks this tool provides anonymity is a danger to themselves and others and should be locked up immediatly

The only way this would work is if they provided a video tool to blur select faces on YOUR computer withoud adding Computer ID tags in the meta data, then stripping out existing meta data and uploading to an anonymous account after anonymously delivering the video to an anonymous uploading service to prevent your ISP from recording all your Internet activity even if you spoof your address

Yeah, use that anonymous service that doesn't exist

Thats the one

Maximum Propaganda at its best!

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