Is Your Router too Boring? Try Using Some Lego Bricks!



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no offense, but legos are a f***ing rip off.



i got a lego castle which costs $100 at toys are us when i was in 5th grade. i mean f*** that is enough money to pay for half an xbox 360



I have a WRT54G, and I don't really mind how it looks (its sitting in the basement with an ethernet cable snaking up to the second floor where the computer is), but this is cool. 

Lost hopes:

Warcraft IV

Timesplitters 4

Star Wars: Battlefront III

Mercenaries 3 (but with LucasArts) 




Neat project, looks pretty cool.  And kudos for doing the legwork (such as pointing out that the dimensions are perfectly lego-able) but I'm kind of stumped as to why he would rely on side ventilation when it would have been fairly easy to just replicate the stock ventilation scheme using different elements and SNOT techniques.  

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