Your Next High-End Motherboard Might be an ASRock



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I even found one of the seeming rare AM2CPU add-on boards they made to add support for AM2 Athlon 64 X2s.  I want to build a Core i5 rig, but there is always something else I need to spend money on instead. :(



Actually the AsRock 775Dual-880Pro was released first over the 939Dual-SATA2, and also had AGP/PCI-E video slots. Just thought I'd point that out. I have the 775Dual-880Pro, and am using it as we speak! I don't plan on upgrading; not just because of the economy; but becasue this board and my CPU run just fine for me. Best Motherboard I have ever bought. Well worth 3x the price I paid!!



939 Dual-Sata...a great board. I used one for 2 years, & sold it on ebay for $20 more than I paid for it. Great times.



My server is still using an AsRock 775-Dual_VISTA... unfortunately.


At least 2 years ago I went to remove the CMOS battery, and the whole clip came with it.  Since then, I've had to set the BIOS config every time it looses power (maintenance or storm) else it will fail to boot due to having the wrong default config for the SATA controller.


It's rather frustrating having a server that won't come back online after an outtage without direct human intervention.


Also, I had to duct tape over a PCI slot to prevent myself from attempting to use it.  Seems somewhere along the line a few of the pins became bent, way too bent to repair.   So, now I have one less PCI, I ended up having to remove a device when it happened, that thing is full-loaded.


OTOH, the board saved me at least $400 when I upgraded my Desktop (it's original home) in 2006-ish.


Dan O. 



I remember that motherboard, theres still one kicking in the computer I built for my brother back in 2006.

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