You Shall Not Pay! Lord of The Rings Online Going Free-to-Play This Fall



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I started playing DDO after it went free to play. It works perfect for someone like me that wants to play a MMO but doesn't want to get tied into a subscription. The first couple of months I was on online all the time playing, but after a couple of months I dropped back into being a more causual player. With the no subscription model I can play a couple hours a month and not feel like I'm wasting money.

Turbine made out because I did ante up some money for adventure packs that I really enjoyed. So, I hope other companies follow the model.



This is a fantastic game.  I bought the lifetime sub about 1yr after it came out.  It is such a solid game and Turbine is a top notch developer.  I've been playing 2yrs and still only level 46 (and have some alts), but I don't feel rushed.  This is great since I have very limited time to play games.

I'm not sure what the impact will be for Free to Play.  What would I use the points for?  It's not like I find a need to purchase things since the game provides your gear as you level up (which means no pressure to buy stuff).   Some games make you feel like you HAVE TO have the best gear.  Not LotRO.  It's enjoyable as is.

 I also hope the quality of players doesn't go south.  Right now, the playerbase is Awesome.  All mature, helpful, and civilized.  I can only imagine how the chat channels will turn to l33t and pawnz speek.



interesting will have to look into it.....



I started DDO Ebberon Unlimited after it became free.

Made level 9 Paladin before boredom overtook me. The lack of a paid subscription here, and advancement is likely to fail around half way to master, at least for me.

While I do have tons of free goodies there is a point in the free game, and I suppose this is the key here to generating revenues in spite of it being a free game, that it is no longer fun/fast/free to advance.

After my hiatus with Aeria 2 years ago, and the immensley popular 12sky (they recently closed it. Good bye cs 8 114% Katana, armor boots and gloves) and the un succcesful character transfer to 12 sky 2 (again goodbye 114% katana, gloves) losing too much equipment and replacing it with a few scant materials, I have said goodbye to Aeria games.

The other thing I don't like about free games is the caliber of some players. I'm not saying it isn't great to play a great game for free.

But you get alot of people who couldn't/wouldn't play on a pay server, and frankly this is where the pay service is rendered above and beyond what a free game may incur.

That keynote is player respect and hospitality friends.



Probably wrong, but i had thought this game had already come out. When i went to the site to download the client, it recommended i sign up for a BETA. Isigned up for the BETA, but i don't think i will make it in. Just thought it was already out.



The closed beta is for the F2P model of the game, to have access to the new Turbine store and new areas which havent been released yet.

This is entirely different from the current servers and is not going live until June 16.



It is already out, I used to play it about a year back before I moved DDO. The beta is for the free client, not sure why they would need a beta though unless it's to test how free players get along in the game.


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I don't think so - doesn't Guild Wars count? Or is it because you have to pay for Guild Wars initially, and you don't for D&D? I don't know about the latter part of my assumption - can someone verify it?



He's splitting hairs by using the word "premium". 



What about those of us who paid for Lifetime Subscription?!



head over to the site and check it out. You get instant and unlimited access to the VIP level of the game, plus 500 "Turbine points" free a month (think Microsoft points on the XBox Live service). I'll be banking these points to pay for expansions...which actually now makes the game cheaper for lifers because we will no longer actually have to pay for anything :)



There are supposed to be some special "bonuses" for thsoe with founders/lifetime accounts.  Check the link in the article.



I dumped this game a few weeks after it started.Was not worth the $14.99 they were asking I thought GuildWars was better game. Now that It's going to be free I may give it asecond try 


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 I agree completely, I didn't even give this game a second look but loved Guildwars (what I would consider the REAL first premium Free to Play - but not to buy - MMORPG). Maybe I will give it another chance now.


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