You Can Stuff an HD Radeon 5970 into CyberPower's LAN Party EVO



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I wonder if they create special builds for MaximumPC or pay closer attention to the details of the build when they know they are shipping it to the corparate office.  Everything I have read on the internet suggests their build quality is less than optimal. 



I paid for expert wiring and I have to admit I wasn't as impressed as I had hoped. It was just small things I didn't like. For one, in my all black case and with all black wires they used white wire ties and didn't clip the extra plastic off once the wiring was secured. My case also had temperature probes (3) and they just kind of haphazardly placed them. After installing black wire ties and rearranging my temperature probes everything was fine. This computer has been a beast so far and I have no complaints overall. 

I would give Cyberpower a 4 out of 5 rating. You can't build a identical PC through Newegg as cheap as Cyberpower. I tried over a 6 month period and always came up 50-150 dollars over trying to build one myself. 


I have my hands in computers all day and built every computer I owned up until a few years ago. My next computer will be from Cyberpower, as will the one after that. 

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