You Can Now Make Free Calls Through Gmail



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Voipscall.comprovides worldwide online telephone calls for free. All you need is a COMPUTER, INTERNET, HEADSET to start making free VoIP calls. no need to register any account. Dont forget you still need PC supporting Adobe Flash Player 9.0 or higher. This absolutely free online application which allows you to make PC-to-phone international calls using a browser only.



Well I'm glad that some of you were able to use it, I tried multiple numbers, to no avail.  It simply kept saying "your call cannot be completed at this time".  Yes, I most certainly did check everything to ensure there was no reason for issue.



Should Skype be worried?




This is an awesome new addition to Gmail.  Since I am one of the very few in this country who does not yet have a cell phone, this will be very helpful while I'm at college.  I've been planning on getting an HTC Hero because I wanted a sorta-cheap (compared to say, the Incredible, EVO, or Droid X) Android phone with 2.1, but this might just cause me to wait a little while again.



It works pretty much as you would suspect.  You can make out-bound calls right from your computer.  In order to recieve calls you need to go to voice and you'll see the option to recieve calls in google chat, just like it was another forwarding phone number.  This could very well replace a land-line.  The only drawback is that you need your browser open and in gmail to recieve calls.  I'm hoping for this rumored desktop client, or for integration into google google talk client.  Other than that, it's superb.



Am I the only one who can't find 'Call Phone' option . Can someone explain where is it ?



If you don't have it now you will eventually.  They usually roll out stuff slowly.


it should be on the left under chat so if you have that bit expanded and you don't see it then you'll have to wait a bit



worked well for me.  downloaded it to my osx 10.4.11 mac pro at work and called my iphone...maybe one day i'll try calling someone else:)



Great call quality, and it uses my google voice credit. I've always wanted a call from computer google voice thing. Now if only i could recieve calls in gmail... EDIT: It also used my google voice number to call with, what number does it use for non voice people?



I have been trying to call Pakistan through this but it doesnt work

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