Yippee-Ki-Yay, Module Maker! GeIL Claims New 'Die-Hard' Technology Will Save Memory From Early Failure



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"Temperatures are then ramped up to 100 degrees Celcius where the
modules sit and roast for up to 24 hours, a process GeIL says ages the
RAM to the equivalent of three months of normal usage"

 At the risk of overextending analogies, but I have my concern about this being roughly equivalent to beating old furniture with a baseball bat and calling it antique because it shows similar wear...  Huge stress over a short period != Reduced yet constant stress over a more prolonged period.

I mean, if this works, then awesome...  But I've never even heard of these guys before.  Wouldn't someone like Patriot, Corsair, etc. have thought to do this first?  They'd want reduced hardware failure on the consumer side as much as anyone else.  

I'm just a bit leery of any suggestion that one can realistically simulate 90-ish days in the span of 1.

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