Yet Another Atom-Fueled Nettop Released Courtesy of Mouse Computer



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I'm waiting for the benchmarks so I can see how big a drop in performance it has compared to the zero point systems. When are you guys cooking up new zero point rigs anyway? And at $400, how does it compare to the $500 Editor challenge PCs from a couple years ago?


Keith E. Whisman

Won't that be in Yen then and the words mouse computer be in Nippon script?


Hey look at that it's got Intel GMA 950graphics so it's gotta be great. That's like alot better than the old and trusty Intel GMA 845 or something.

That leads me to ask just how is one release of Intel GMA graphics any different or better than an older version? They are all crap and you can't get any kind of 3D gaming performance out of them. So what makes GMA950 any better than say Intel I810graphics? 

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