Yes Folks, There's Now a Fatal1ty Food Line



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what exactly is the gamer good at? i do not think i have ever seen any of his gameplay. i know back in the day he had a 1300$ motherboard that was probably BTX or something. why are companies not using other pro-gamers? i guess i have never seen any of his other products, besides sound cards, headsets, motherboards.



I bought some 2gb x2 OCZ Fatality ddr2's about 2 years back. After mail in rebate, they were $20 total. Thank you OCZ. Far as Fatality... well, the sticks were hidden in my case, so at least it was easy to bury my shame.



I'm going to hold out for the Fatal1ty Hemodialysis machine.



A professional video gamer is like a professional ditch digger: a figure to be pitied, not admired.



It is great how this crap is being marketed as if gamers actualy burn calories sitting on their ass playing games. Give me a break. I play games and I love them. But I am not so blind to think that games have any comparison to real athetics. If they wanted to truthfully market gamer food, it would be the Fatal1ty Salad with light dressing or the line of Fatal1ty Rice Cakes.



Okay, gaming is not that much of a spectator sport (or is it).  Either you're a participant or you're not.  You either game alone, with others for fun, or in true competition.

So, its not like basketball, football, american football (yes, not the same as football that you actually play with your foot that americans call soccer, but the rest of the WORLD knows as football), baseball, cricket, volleyball, etc.  So, there is no watching awesome athleticism at play...unless you're looking at keyboard combos, mouse clicks, eye movements, really? (If that's the case, some folk need to get a life or something)  So, do gamers really have idols in the gaming world?  Or are they all just the competition?

Do manufacturers really improve sales with pasting this guy's handle all over their product?  Or do they alienate prospective buyers?

When I'm looking for a board, a sound card, mouse, keyboard, or just about anything really, do I buy the product tagged with this guy's handle?  You've got to be kidding.  Even if it is the best product out there I stay away from it like its got a flesh eating virus.

I agree with the overall feeling.  Glad the fella got some cheddar, but please...enough already.  If you're gonna brand the stuff at least have some of the same without the branding...even the snacks.  That way, like other sports, you have the regular product, then the colourful, branded, and perhaps tweaked a little, limited edition stuff.

Oh, and yeah, gamers should eat healthy if they're not already doing so.

Game on.



Ok enough already, there are already enough products I won't buy because this guy's name is on it like a motherboard with a bios that has him glaring at you while trying to make adjutments. I don't begrudge anyone their fame or moment in the sun but enough already. And does he actually eat the stuff???



funniest thing I have read on here in a while



Lol...gaming lifestyle fuel. I'm as interested in Fatility branded food as I am Mr. Peanuts video games.


The Corrupted One


I say that gamers should eat healthfully so they can affrord not excersising very much.

Cool idea though.



I take drugs to help with my FPS shooters I'm actaully addicted to the stuff.



"I take drug to help with my FPS shooters I'm actually addicted to the stuff"


Amphetamines are actually proven to improve reaction times in low to moderate doses. And for most people when used reasonably are arguably safer than all those silly energy products that aren't very effective.



Kudos to the guy for actually making money as a gamer but as a gamer myself I don't want another gamer's name all over my stuff.  I can understand branding a video game on a peripheral such as a Diablo 3 or Battlefield 3 mousepad because maybe I'm a fan of that game but I don't see people being fans of gamers or gaming teams in the way that they are fans of football teams or basketball players.  Fata1ity is to gaming peripherals as Dr. Dre is to Beats audio.  Slap some branding on something and charge a premium price for it.  I really don't think this guy is involved in the development of these products and even if he was and his input made them better, I still wouldn't want his name on it.  I think that most of the success of these products comes from the association with the Mortal Kombat franchise rather than some pro gamer. 





That's hilarious! But are gamers really that different from other people that they need special food msde just for them? Will these "gamer food" be placed in the animal section between cat food and dog food?



Of course, what he should have said was, "Now even non-gamers can have my nuts in their mouths!"

Any decent smack-talking gamer would have seized that opportunity. I am very disappointed in Fatal1ty.


Holly Golightly

Wow, what funny naming! I like the idea of food for gamers, but why does it have to have that guy's name all over it?

I got two words for Fatal1ty... Sell Out!



I now know what the first hipster felt like when he first uttered the words: "I liked ____ before it was cool". Who would have thought it would come to this.



i will stick with the beer... I call it beer... yep no stupid names... drink it up if you like that idea too!



you sir, needs some GamerBeerX, Maximum Toxic Edition.



He should be modeling body condoms, after all you are what you eat



I think I'll stick with Monster Rehab and Doritos.

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