Yahoo's Unpopular CEO Finally Steps Down



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Chief Yahoo? Really? Not sure that's a job title I'd want...



Microsoft doesn't need to buy out Yahoo! at the moment--they can let Yahoo waste all its cash trying to salvage itself (and failing to grasp the reality of their situation) and then purchase them piecemeal.  MS can eat Yahoo a little bit at a time rather then spend their cash on inflated prices for worthless gains.

In the meantime, what Yahoo needs to do (why aren't they hiring me?) is to identify monetary gains from new avenues outside of the stomping grounds of Google.  There's still a lot to go after, especially some truly delicious stuff attached to government agencies, but Yahoo needs to stop trying to be Google, and regain it's focus.  If they can makeover the mess they created for themselves, they won't need to worry about a takeover.



I think in this economy, the merger/acquisition is off the table.  It would be insane for Microsoft to try and do it now.  Yang really drove Yahoo into the ground with his ego there.  I question whether or not we'll see Yahoo around in a couple years.



Ballmer already stated today that talks with Yahoo are d-o-n-e done.  I'm not sure that's the same kind of declaration as the one Yahoo execs were saying just last month when they promised that there was no truth to the notion that Yang was going to be replaced as CEO.  Whoops.

Yahoo is hemmoraging.  While it might have looked like an attractive acquisition some months ago, Microsoft purchasing Yahoo now would be more a charity case than prudent business decision.



As much as I'm not a fan of Microsoft, the buyout would have given both companies the competitive edge they need to compete with Google.  Monopolies are never good, and ironically, Microsoft could prevent one from happening with Google.

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