Yahoo Shifts to Bing in North America



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I used to be Yahoo person myself, but every year, its search results are geared more and more towards "e-commerce sites". Totally hate Bing as every results points to a store's website. Usually, I use the internet to read reviews and/or learn about stuff, not using Yahoo to buy stuff. Google seems to be better at finding reviews and stuff for products. If I wanna buy comptuer parts, I'll just type in in my address bar...I don't need Bing or Yahoo. There could always be the possibility that some unknown unreputatble seller elsewhere is offering a cheaper like 3%...but I'd rather pay the little extra for confidence that my banking account information wouldn't get leaked or stolen.



Bing is just lame and Yahoo is outdated. gg Google ^_^



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I don't think anyone uses Yahoo search anymore...unless its there homepage.

Still prefer Duck duck go, as Bing results are old and less quality then Google ussually.

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