Yahoo Pulls the Plug on GeoCities



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 I still have one. I think it gets about 5 hits a year. That's ok because I only update it now about 5 times a year. It is for this reason that I never migrated to a paid system.


I liked it because it was simple to set up and came with my yahoo account. The editor, and file manager, though annoyingly "hoopy" to get to, were simple and understandable without even reading the introduction to the service.

I hated it because their advertisement script frequently ruined my page layout, and in some cases screwed up the java applets I had on the site. I also hated them because of their overzealous policing of what file types were allowed to be posted and what werent. .pdf's for example can't be posted. They must be zipped. (This may have changed, I never went back to check since).

 Anyway I used Geocities as the front end, and an online file sharing site for hosting the files I made available. That kept me under the [pathetic] max site size limits and atrocious traffic limits.

In short, I'll only miss it because of the effort it will take to move my junk somewhere else. It's a pity they treated it like they did, then eventually ignored it.... it could have been so much more.


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They're just like the UNSC... They keep falling back one at a time...



 So even this is considered web 2.0.... I never used geocities, good old HTML for me! However, one of my favourtie ROM websites was built off of geocities. Those were the days.... Slacking off in computer class and playing old Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo ROMs, all while still completing my work on time.






I started my first website with GeoCities back in January 1997. I was a senior in college at the time. At first, I just used the site to store my bookmarks (I didn't have my own computer at the time, and considering I didn't know which computer in the lab, or even which lab, I would be using, a central place to store bookmarks was a good idea). But it quickly grew as I added information to the site and split the site up into several pages. I still remember my old url, which was rather convoluted.  I eventually paid to upgrade my site, which, if memory serves, jumped me up from 10 MB of storage to a whopping 25 MB of storage, gave me a slightly easier URL, and, most importantly, removed the ads. I left GeoCities in 2004 when I found a web hosting space that gave me many times the storage, my own domain name, the ability to run my own scripts, and no ads for the same cost as I was paying GeoCities. But I still remember GeoCities rather fondly. I understand why they are shutting it down, and I'm not upset with them for doing it, but at the same time, I will be sorry to see GeoCities go. 


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I remember when they increased the storage capacity to 2MB. I couldn't believe the amount of cloud storage I had! We've come a long way.



i had one when i was in 6th grade.......... it was terrible. but now it must be AWESOME but not so awesome that you have to pay...



I never had one. Even back in its late 90s heyday it was awful, with the advertisements that followed your scrolling. And we didn't have Adblock back then. Hell, everyone was still using IE and liking it just fine for that matter.

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