Yahoo Overhauls Flickr, Ups Free Storage Ante to 1TB



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Ugh. Gimmicky, cluttered, annoying. On top of which, those stupid 'endlessly scrolling' pages are difficult to use (try revisiting something you saw halfway down) and usually end up crashing my browser.

The value of simplicity is totally lost on the idiots who do this kind of web design.



After spending a few days with it now I find it really unintuitive and frustrating. It shouldn't be such a chore to group pictures together into "sets" or whatever.

I hate to complain about free but I think you're on to something here.



They also overhauled their mail. Apparently I can no longer use POP3 with Thunderbird or my Windows phone without subscribing to Mail Plus. Awesome. Who pays for email? Really?



I don't understand why Yahoo still doesn't have unlimited storage on Flickr (for public photos anyway) and do away with the premium service altogether. Google managed to monetize YouTube which has far higher storage and bandwidth requirements. I could understand if they only had a cap on private photos since they would not be able to monetize those.

Yahoo has been lucky up to this point but eventually Google will wake up and turn Picasa into YouTube for pictures and Yahoo will be SOOL. I'm betting that Flickr is probably one of the few services that make Yahoo any money.



Spend $500/year on a 2TB plan or just open a second free Flickr account if I fill the first one up? The only problem I could see is the mobile app not letting you manage 2 accts simultaneously (not sure if this is the case).



Think I just found a new place to back up all my photos. Thanks, man :)



Agreed, but it will be interesting to see what Google and Microsoft have to say about that. This is the stuff that drives competition, it's really cool to see Yahoo stepping it up.

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