Yahoo CEO Apologizes for Padding Resume



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i need to pad my resume a little also, hmm phd from MIT computer programming and engineering.



I've seen too many executives who don't seem to have basic understanding of the business come and go. One thing I’ve noticed is that they pad and pretend until they and the gullible corporate recruiters actually believe the hype. I’ve also noticed that they tend to be focused more on their career growth and short term profits, than long term business plans that sustain growth and long term profits. Yahoo and other tech companies like HP have fallen for this executive hype, but don’t have real leadership that has a long term vision of where the business needs to go to be successful.



You just nailed it...
What they all do is that, focus on short term gains, and the "numbers", everything else can go down and it wont matter because they just care about short term.
They fuck the company up and then leave to another one and start showing those "numbers" in the other company's face and they believe it and the story repeats itself.

So many smart people here in this world but no one thinks in the long term, it's the right now what matters, fuck the other guys, they'll be long gone when the shit hits the fan and the blame will go to someone else.
This needs to change, but the big question is how?



You were all ready President @ Paypal., why the heck would you need to pad anything ?



In the corporate world of Big Lying, er, I mean Big Business, what else is there? The one who doesn't get caught wins.



I can't imagine anyone in the workforce who hasn't padded their resume. It's de rigueur these days. Note that there is a difference between "padding" and "falsifying," however.



Did he pad his resume, or falsify it?

We all pad our resume. Because everyone does it, the modest will look weak in comparison. Falsifying seems like a whole different level though. It's one thing to lie, it's another to exaggerate.

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