Yahoo Board Fires CEO Bartz



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They should stick to non-invasive advertising.  I love my Yahoo account, have had my account for over 10 yeas.  Each 'upgrade' iteration, it gets slower and buggier.  I'm about to ditch for gmail but would be a pain to do the move and email updates to my other accounts.



I heard some pretty interesting stuff about when Carol Bartz leaves a company.  Even though she's only worked for two major companies (from what I know of), something positive always happens.  When she left Autodesk (creators of AutoCAD and related software), their stock had rose.  Same thing has happened here with Yahoo.  Still, it hasn't deterred me from using a Yahoo account (I've had various Yahoo email accounts ever since I used the service).


Holly Golightly

THANK GOD!!!!!!!!!!!

Yahoo will be 1,000 times better without Carol Bartz!!! I used to use Yahoo as an email service, but now I don't because they got greedy, deleted my account, then asked me to pay for their subscription service so they can "protect" my account. Who the devil do they think they are? But it is not Yahoo's fault. This CEO just got overly greedy. Yahoo will be much better without her.

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