Is XFX Skipping Fermi?



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This is pretty shocking.

I'm an ATi user but I've always connected XFX with Nvidia till recently. Now they're hardly connected at all.

Very strange. Though I've heard good things about EVGA's Nvidia models so it's not the end of the world of Nvidia users.



I call Shenanigans! This smells like an April's fools joke. Check your calendar people!



 Next person to say shenanigans gets pistol whipped!


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Evga also does the double lifetime warranty and allows you to OC your card as well without voiding the warranty.



In case you missed an earlier post, OCing XFX cards doesn't void their warranties either. I can attest to that as I OC'd the heck out of an 8600 GT, ended up frying it, RMA'd it and got a new one no questions asked.

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i have a few of their cards they don't do the double lifetime.

wish they would add the double lifetime though would make for better resale value. 



huh. I didn't think I'd ever see XFX completely turn around on Nvidia. I think this is a bit premature, but I'm no business major, so...




LMFAO.  Excellent warranty?  I've been waiting for an RMA from these guys for over 5 months for 2 dead ATI cards.  No response as of yet despite many many many many queries. 



They might be a tad slow on the replies. But I bought my card with some one else (two 5870's, one shipment), and they had to RMA they card. Mind you, I left mine untouched. But they painted the red parts silver and moved identity stickers. At the same time everyone else with 5xxx cards started to have grey screens and weird display issues, theirs did too. So they contacted XFX and sent the card in. XFX gave them a verbal slap on the wrist, and then mailed them a new card. That's amazing.



your just not emailing them right! Email them from the left and maybe they will answer.

I have never had one problem with any radeons from any manufacturer. They do slip by quality control though sometimes but anything electronic can go bad at any given time. I feel for ya though. I had the same problem with Western Digital with a 2TB drive. Took numerous phone calls and emails to get them to respond. Then they sent me an email saying an RMA was approved with directions on how to ship it back. One problem though, they never gave me an RMA number. I gave up. Now I use Seagate exclusively.



Heh, they're probably focusing on why their Radeon HD5670s only have a 50% chance of working out of the box.



I've used more XFX video cards then I can count, and not a single one
has ever died. I overclock nearly all my video cards too (doesn't void
the warranty on XFX cards). Not to mention every XFX card I've bought in
the past year has had all japanese solid capacitors.



This is a dumb move for XFX now evga is the only way to go for nvidia cards and I would get a sapphire 58xx series over an xfx because of the cooling solutions. It's never good to burn bridges...



That IS a big &^%$%^'n deal.



I like how XFX called the Fermi launch 'Fermented'



"It looks like XFX thinks that the Radeon HD 4000 series of graphics
card is the right card for the high-end market,"


Should be Radeon HD 5000 series.

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